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So for once I’m going to use my blog to sell you guys something.

I’m selling an electric guitar.

This guitar is a project for the Adelante social center in Sofia, Bulgaria. I organized a free attendance seminar on repairing and improving electric guitars.

Here you can see the bunch of people who worked on it. Each one of those people made a little part of the guitar. I’m the guy in the white t-shirt.

We shielded and grounded the guitar properly to eliminate all the parasite noise and added a Dohn security circuit, so you can’t get killed if the sound technician does a poor job grounding the amps. Also a treble bleed circuit that avoids the guitar’s tone going lower when you don’t play at full volume.

This is a treble bleed circuit, a 1pf capacitor in series with a resistance half the value of the volume potentiometer. The volume pot is 250k ohms, so the resistance is half that.

Soldered in parallel to the shunt arm of the volume pot and the output, it lets high frequencies pass slightly, when turn the volume down. That’s done because of how impedance. In a normal circuit, when you lower the volume the treble frequencies go away first, and you get a more growly guitar sound. This circuit keeps the tone constant even at low volume.

This picture and the next are from a similar project, for illustration. More here.

The bridge pickup has a 0.022uF capacitor and the neck one a 0.047uF one.

On top of that we drilled the pickguard and installed a new switch to it, to switch on the neck pickup independently.

That way you can get two sounds regular stratos don’t get: all three pickups at once (I personally don’t care for it) and neck and bridge pickups (really cool sound).

Oh and we decorated it.

We named her “Gergana Adelantova”, and so it’s engraved in the back. I’ll have a pick next week.

We’ve had a lot of fun making it and now we want someone to play the hell out of it.

We are selling it for 200 euros plus shipping, meaning using an economic option of an international courier service. We’ll send it well packed in bubble wrap. The cost, minus the 70 I paid for the original guitar second hand, will go to the activities of the social center.

Ask any questions!


Yeah, yeah. I watch films between other cool things.

The plane of the dead: Hilarious

Every time this guy was on screen I imagined him saying




The amazing spiderman: Not amazing.

The Divide: Interesting.


Put this concert on first. It will give you a deep enjoyement, if only knowing there’s such good stuff in Russia. Mr. Moustache: You like this. Admit it.

Ok, so… sometimes, at night, when I browse the internet, I put on the radio. Russian radio and stuff like that.
I put it on tonight to listen to some nice Russian talk show and wind down.

Tonight I put it on. But… it was beyond midnight. I caught on a really weird program on a radio called Echo of Moscow.

The anchor explained that we were going to here music and some interesting discussion. Then fires off a total techno song.

And after the song, they keep their program going… but they say “haha, people say we Russians we don’t speak English. Let’s do this program in English!”.

And I’m hearing a pretty weird, silly late night talk show/english lesson for weirdos in Russia who listen to midnight culture radio.

It’s pretty hilarious. xD

Lots of bullshit, and then in a very tender, silly way, and despite the considerable linguistical barrier, they try to have a bit of a conversation about interesting topics. It’s interesting. And weird.

The thing is, I can’t tell you much about it. I wish you guys would listen to the part in English and think about why do they choose to speak like that. Think about the topics they talk about.

That’s it. Like a good storyteller, no spoilers.

Cyberpunk Lanscape2


But I wish you’d understand.


(Also, if at one point you get it you’ll understand why I don’t just say it).


Mr Pabolaza pulse aqui.

If you know me, you know that I don’t watch a lot of TV, and I haven’t owned one for close to 10 years. Nowadays I avoid the silly box because it’s aggravating, stupid and manipulative, but this perhaps will surprise you: My rejection of TV didn’t start as some kind of statement.

I just find TV to be passive, and by extension, boring. I much prefer to use my times in things where I have an active role or where I can choose my role as passive spectator very carefully. Hence why I have substituted my use of TV for the internet. Not that it’s better or anything, and I probably use the internet a bit much, but oh well.

That said, I tend to watch a bit of TV when I’m back in Spain (as I will be tonight), mostly because my friends put it on, either as background noise or because we are vegetating on a couch. To vegetate, now THAT is a verb appropiate to what I am describing. Although trust me, we’ve also had some very, very productive time. You will hear about it. One day you too will know about AlbaZetech.

Anyhoo, every time I watch Spanish TV again, it is always a massive shock. And the reason is simple, every single time, no exceptions, Spanish TV outdoes itself. Every single summer and x-mas I tell myself: “Spanish TV has hit rock bottom, it just cannot go any worse”. And without fail, by the time I get home again the next christmas or summer, Spanish TV has gotten new nuclear-tipped oil prospecting equipment and blown that rock bottom to fucking space.

First it was “big brother” programs and the like, and, at the beginning, they even had the gall to call it “a sociological experiment”. Then programs where all they would do is repeat useless gossip about bullshit “famous” people. I think everyone got that. Then it was programs that consisted, essentially, of scripted (and badly scripted at that) insult flinging. Nowadays we are at the stage where random idiots people pretend to live together, date, break up and stuff. It’s like “Jersey shore” which probably you’ve seen. “WTF” is all I can say.

Considering how bullshit the kinds of TV I mentioned are, probably “jury-based” programs wouldn’t even be a blip on the radar, but I find them very ubiquitous, and I think they are bad.

Link del señor Pabolaza

You wanna cook? Don’t go to your kitchen and enjoy it. Waste your time watching some guys torturing kids.


That and, of course, Auction programs, which are another load of phenomenon on its own.

From the LA Times blogs.

It’s like, you want to do things, but you need the approval of some dudes.

You wanna make a business?

You gotta present it in front of some people.

Though granted.

Some of the lessons are useful, if not terribly well explained.

I mean, I understand the point that they are cheap to make, you don’t have to pay scriptwriters because people come and do stupid things on their own. But I hate the message, “to be X you’ve got to be insulted by us first”.

I don’t know man. I don’t think it’s like that. I think that if you want to sing, you shouldn’t go to one of these programs, legitimate as they are. You should get a band, sing, learn how to sing and stuff.

I dunno, maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m not particularly interested in the life career of, say, this girl.

And honestly, even if you succeed, you are just making music on command, with no original rights to your name, when you could be doing your own, real thing.
So let’s just jump to the music, ok?

Take that as a lesson for life. In life, don’t learn about the bands, or do, but just jump to the music, or the painting or the writing, or the roleplaying, or the coding, or the soldering, on the playing and on the composing. Instead of going on TV.


Expedición submarina al internet profundo. Trucos de cartas explicados. Un tío que habla, habla, y aburre antes de enpezar a explicarte el truco. Tanto es así que el mismo menciona en el truco “bueno que luego la peña en los comentarios la peña dice que me enrollo”.

Tio, la peña te lo está diciendo. Real como la vida misma.


Weird videos frrom the spanish deep interwebs. A dude who talks way too much explains a magic trick and comments how his fans comment on his videos all the time that he speaks way too much.



Her has much to talk about. It’s essentially a philosophical movie.

Are Her feelings real? She is a machine, but she’s a consciousness who has probably passed the Turing test and any other criteria you could think for self-awareness*.

And that segues into: is it legit for the guy to fall in love with Her? I like that she’s a completely new product but society has grown so tolerant that no one (except the despondent ex-wife) bats an eye about this guy calling the Operative System (the girlfriend).
And I think that if you can feel like that for the 90 minutes a film lasts, you should be able to feel the same to almost anybody, whatever their sexual orientation, tastes, political views etc. In the end, and that’s a big point of the movie, we might be all different, but we are all just winging it in a world too big for us animals.. No one makes mistakes because they want to. And work and certain social duties have been reduced to videogames, feeding babies to earn points. The movie also mentions how nice it is to have someone to make the load lighter, by simply sharing it.

And what about the whole world having this iPhone aesthetics look to it? (fuck that by the way)

And what about the rights of that OS, considering it’s sentient?? Essentially, you know you are a conscious person and another person tells you that they feel like a conscious person too. What do you do? You take their word for that. So if a computer tells you the same, why wouldn’t you? On this respect you should read the literary work that sheds light on this comments. I meant this, the UN Hearing on AI Rights, E/1999/43, E/CN.4/1999/201

This is from Jeph Jaques, the cool author of Questionable Content.

The fact that he writes heartfelt letters but is incapable of communicating properly at the beginning of the movie is very interesting.

I think that the fade to black scene is simply genius. And the scene where she tries to have someone else be what she cant’s has a lot to chew. It’s really interesting because the director manages to really imagine something that would happen with AI that no one had thought of before.

The ending. If people ever chatted about cinema with their friends they’d discuss that ending more than the ending of 2001 a space oddisey was talked about.

La escena de fundido a negro. El hecho de que es una película que, como toda película que habla del futuro, en realidad está hablando del presente.


This is, essentially, how you should what I felt as a kid when I was taken to mass and I’d see the things described in this post I wrote:


[url=]Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson, hosted by[/url]

It’s nice to be able to explain a post in detail like this.

Posted from a hi tech lab.




I keep watching movies and now I’ve watched one I have liked very much and that you should watch at the first chance you have. Specially if you own one of those iPhonies that kids have these days. And soon you will soon why.

And trust me…

It’s not just this guy’s pedo ‘stache.

Her: Contemporary.


I was dissapointed at age 7. My kindergaden teacher made us lay down and told us a cool story about being invited to fly a space rocket. She described very vividly and I was enthralled.

And then, she ended it with the “and then you wake up and it was all a dream”. I just can’t forgive her.


So EinsteinSo just by chance I’ve found my childhood, concentrated. “El Cuenta Cuentos”, the Story Teller. Hours, hours, days of cool, extremely varied and well acted tales in Spanish. Awesome good Spanish with 5300 words, great music and effects…
Put an ear to it. In Spanish.
In case you are wondering, yeah, I’m suggesting you listen to tales.

El Cuenta Cuentos. Esto lo teníais alguno? Yo flipaba con esto, me habré pasado días enteros en mi casa escuchando cuentos de todo tipo, de clásicos hasta ciencia ficción. Grandes efectos, música brutal, y actuado de putísima madre.
Échale una oreja.
Y por si te lo estás preguntando, si, te estoy sugiriendo que te pongas a escuchar cuentos xD
Esque joder, contarte Guillermo Tell al son de la sinfonía de Guillermo Tell de


My usual forums are down and it sucks.

V de Vendetta
Y esta es una foto de un sitio muy de puta madre en el que estuve una vez. La catedral de la sangre derramada en S. Petersburgo. Es un sitio que me impresiona porque dentro tiene una reliquia muy conocida de los rusos. Un trozo de acera de callera. La misma acera y en el mismo sitio en el que cayó muerto de un disparo el zar Alejandro II el libertador.

Храм_Спаса_на_крови_7This is a pic of a very cool place I’ve been to. The cathedral of the Savior over the Blood in S. Petersburg. I’ve always been impressed with this place because it has a very impressive relic inside. But curiously, it’s a piece of sidewalks, in the same state and place the entire street used to be. It’s the place where czar Alexander II the liberator fell dead, shot.

Russia es muy flipante.
And then I rolled a five.


I’ve come home and I’ve seen the end of The Sixth sense with a guy who was seeing it for the third time and a girl watching it for the first time.

Can you imagine a better setup?

It’s a great movie, and it’s interesting seeing it more than once. Specially if you get to enjoy the reaction of a first timer.

But I’m sure you already know all of that already.

rat race

This blog is now powered by willfull abstruseness.



Have you ever watched that film about Hitler, downfall?

I was watching it lately and I had a weird suspicion. It’s just been confirmed. From time to time there are black people in the background. Which would make no sense for the heart of 1945’s Berlin, now would it?


HundimienterJudge for yourselves.

Nymphomaniac is an awesome film with so many, just SO many things in it. It’s a film that’s less about the protagonist herself than it is about her failings and the reason for them.

It’s also a story about a massive enabler who will keep telling her she’s right, only to end up friend zoned to death.(MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

One of the interesting parts of the movie is the very interesting and original storytelling techniques deployed. I really liked how the film is shot, and how the story is told. The nymphomaniac is telling us her life, just like a a psychotherapy session. She speaks of the things she’s done, and at no point does she go into what she felt or thought (“Not at all” being one of the best quotes of the movie) except in one occassion, with a towel ( * whack * * whack ** whack ** whack ** whack *….). But she does tell us that at the beginning it was transgression for the sake of transgression (Catholicism says don’t fuck, so we’ll fuck instead!), and in my opinion that speaks of enormous emotional lacks, AND the desire for revolt that repression being caused by the very repression that tries to stifle them.

The second part is even more interesting.

The final part of the movie is my favorite. There, she does what every damaged person does when faced by a total enabler: reaches utterly wrong conclusions. The whole thing ends in tears, because of course the enabler gets a wrong idea too and think he “deserves” something. And at that point, “Hey, Joe” versioned by Charlotte Gainsbourg starts playing, because Ms. Gainsbourg’s character fully acknowledges that old wisdom: “Damaged people are dangerous, because they know they can survive”. Pay attention to that damn good cover of Jimi Hendrix she does.

Wants are wants, and as that dude said, the only way to resist temptation is to yield. It’s not just a nice sentence, it’s a very deep one: Resistance is futile, it’s better to cooperate with the inevitable.

I loved gravity. Nice science fiction, things works the way they are supposed to in Space, and two important messages: There’s no one out there looking up (or down) on us, and one of the keys to life is to let go of burdens past.

Also, big mention: It’s the first film I’ve seen where 3d has a role and makes things interesting. THAT is awesome.

REC es una maravilla. Es una película con un estilo narrativo original (y yo soy un mamón de la buena narración) y muy bien hecho.

Tiene momentos super interesantes.

Es la única película de zombies que yo conozco en el que los personajes, saben lo que es una peli de zombies. Da muchísima información del contexto amplio con pequeñas frases que aparentemente no significan nada. Da un miedo que te cagas. Todos los personajes que mueren al principio mueren en realidad por ser buenas personas. Bueno, todos los personajes en realidad. Tiene un buen flow, autocrítica de la televisión y una tía buena que da patadas en el culo.

Presta atención al estilo narrativo y a cada frase.

Me not anderstand espanish. Me click here.


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