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Dylan Tomas. Appropiate for first rule time. Goodbye, you. May a hunter’s moon be with you.

Light breaks where no sun shines

Dylan Thomas, 19141953
Light breaks where no sun shines;
Where no sea runs, the waters of the heart
Push in their tides;
And, broken ghosts with glow-worms in their heads,
The things of light
File through the flesh where no flesh decks the bones.

A candle in the thighs
Warms youth and seed and burns the seeds of age;
Where no seed stirs,
The fruit of man unwrinkles in the stars,
Bright as a fig;
Where no wax is, the candle shows its hairs.

Dawn breaks behind the eyes;
From poles of skull and toe the windy blood
Slides like a sea;
Nor fenced, nor staked, the gushers of the sky
Spout to the rod
Divining in a smile the oil of tears.

Night in the sockets rounds,
Like some pitch moon, the limit of the globes;
Day lights the bone;
Where no cold is, the skinning gales unpin
The winter’s robes;
The film of spring is hanging from the lids. 

Light breaks on secret lots, 
On tips of thought where thoughts smell in the rain;
When logics dies,
The secret of the soil grows through the eye,
And blood jumps in the sun;
Above the waste allotments the dawn halts.


Short post because I’m in the airport.

You know what? I hate airports and I’m quite stuffed with travelling. Oh well. But on these dark nights when I share red eye train rides with denizens of the irrational night, I tell myself some people have it worse than me.

Meet mr. Yang Kyoungjong. The unluckiest army conscript in history. Or, considering that he surivived, perhaps the luckiest.

Click here.

Ask yourself, what this asian man doing, dressed in a WWII German Uniform and being interrogated by US soldiers?

Machine gun.

(also, and only because of the fact that I am in the airport and have to live, I’ve broken, with this post, one of the internal rules of this blog. Famous people probably expect someone to guess.  I expect no one to care.)


I’m on holiday and I’ve spent my afternoon at a terrace that had this on the wall.

It’s real. Taken from a street and all.

There was beer, jack daniels, lemon, a small pool with jacuzzi, a charming baby and, above all, good friends. You can tell I’m on holiday.



So I wanted to share two little tidbits of my summer, so you enjoy with me.

1. I remember the fights I used to have as a teenager about videogames. Nowadays, when I enter home and I find, every time, my mom mulling over the clues of a RPG.



I can’t help but think this: In the end, I won.






2. On less happy news, the high school where my dad used to go has lost its graffitti. You see, it had one and it made it a special building.






It sucks.
Now, I know I have a better picture of this, somewhere…. but for now it will have to do.



It was a grafitti against tobacco


So yeah. Hope you are enjoying your holidays too.


We don’t get nearly enough guest posts in this blog. Just sayin’.

This one is by LauriGami. Thanks, sis.

I like Sci-Fi. I like a little too much violence. I like not-so-perfect heros, smart, manipulative vilains, unexpected revelations and carefully arranged shots with beautiful colors. “Snowpiercer” has all these ingredients… but sometimes too much of it and sometimes not enough of it – which makes me happy and angry at the same time.

Here it is : I like Sci-Fi. I like a little too much violence. I like not-so-perfect heros, smart, manipulative vilains, unexpected revelations and carefully arranged shots with beautiful colors. "Snowpiercer" has all these ingredients... but sometimes too much of it and sometimes not enough of it - which makes me happy and angry at the same time. One of the other things I usually look for in movies is a good soundtrack. In Snowpiercer, I only remember hearing the melodious cracks and splashes of a variety of weapons cutting through throats and limbs (a post-apocalyptic world where bullets are extinct ? pure genius), and the voice of Ed Harris (who stole my tender teenage heart in "The Rock"). After all, maybe I shouldn't ask for more.   pic1: Our future : some blood, a crowbar and a junkie. pic2: Chris Evans saving humanity, axe in hand.

Here it is, our future: Some blood, a crowbar and a junkie.

One of the other things I usually look for in movies is a good soundtrack.

(Here it is, btw.)







In Snowpiercer, I only remember hearing the melodious cracks and splashes of a variety of weapons cutting through throats and limbs (a post-apocalyptic world where bullets are extinct ? pure genius), and the voice of Ed Harris (who stole my tender teenage heart in “The Rock”). After all, maybe I shouldn’t ask for more.

Chris Evans saving humanity, axe in hand.

Chris Evans saving humanity, axe in hand.




Hacedme caso cuando os digo que los vientos del cambio no llegan. Los traes tu, a bastonazos.

Con el palo del dolor


Believe me whan I say that the winds of change don’t just come to you. You have to club them and take them.

Mi palo del dolor personal

Mi palo del dolor personal

Y tampoco perdais de vista que los palos del dolor mas eficaces pa cambiar las cosas no son necesariamente contundentes. Pueden ser una explicación sincera,  un email iracundo o…

And don’t lose sight many sticks of pain to change things arent wooden and blunt. They can be an honest explanation, an angry email, or…


Una reflexión tras mi primer road trip ever. Todo está cambiando. Lo noto en el aire. Se llaman los vientos del cambio. Así llamo yo a una intuición que tengo a veces. La intuición es cuando se condensan todos los matices que los sentidos perciben sin que a nivel conscente lo sepamos. Aprovechate de ese efecto.

Entonces: Los vientos del cambio están aqui y todo va a cambiar. Lo noto en el agua, en el aire, en el conjunto de vuestros posts en internet. Para acompañar a los tiempos, cambio nombre del facebukers. No dejes que el destino venga a ti, cógelo por los cuernos. Es mi consejo. Y que os acompañe una luna de cazador.

В крак с времето



A reflection after my first road trip ever.

The winds of change are here, and everything is going to change. That’s how I call an intuition I have. Intuition is the condesation of all the nuance the sense pick up without the conscious level being aware. Use it.

So: I feel it in the air, in the water, in your collective posts all around the internet. To be on with the times, I’ve changed my name on furbooks. Take destiny by the neck instead of letting it come at you. That’s my advice. And a Hunter’s moon be with you.



I came across this weird ad. It’s in Italian, but I hope everyone makes an effort to get the gist of it. Try to guess what they are advertising exactly.

Ho trovato questa pubblicità strana in giro. Vedetela, e tentate de dovinare il prodotto essacto que stano pubblicitando.

You can read more if you click, but you’ve got to think hard first, see if you guess.

Lo spiego tutto se continui a leggere, pero pensa, puo essere indovini cosa sta succedendo in questa pubblicità.

Leer el resto de esta entrada »


So for once I’m going to use my blog to sell you guys something.

I’m selling an electric guitar.

This guitar is a project for the Adelante social center in Sofia, Bulgaria. I organized a free attendance seminar on repairing and improving electric guitars.

Here you can see the bunch of people who worked on it. Each one of those people made a little part of the guitar. I’m the guy in the white t-shirt.

We shielded and grounded the guitar properly to eliminate all the parasite noise and added a Dohn security circuit, so you can’t get killed if the sound technician does a poor job grounding the amps. Also a treble bleed circuit that avoids the guitar’s tone going lower when you don’t play at full volume.

This is a treble bleed circuit, a 1pf capacitor in series with a resistance half the value of the volume potentiometer. The volume pot is 250k ohms, so the resistance is half that.

Soldered in parallel to the shunt arm of the volume pot and the output, it lets high frequencies pass slightly, when turn the volume down. That’s done because of how impedance. In a normal circuit, when you lower the volume the treble frequencies go away first, and you get a more growly guitar sound. This circuit keeps the tone constant even at low volume.

This picture and the next are from a similar project, for illustration. More here.

The bridge pickup has a 0.022uF capacitor and the neck one a 0.047uF one.

On top of that we drilled the pickguard and installed a new switch to it, to switch on the neck pickup independently.

That way you can get two sounds regular stratos don’t get: all three pickups at once (I personally don’t care for it) and neck and bridge pickups (really cool sound).

Oh and we decorated it.

We named her “Gergana Adelantova”, and so it’s engraved in the back. I’ll have a pick next week.

We’ve had a lot of fun making it and now we want someone to play the hell out of it.

We are selling it for 200 euros plus shipping, meaning using an economic option of an international courier service. We’ll send it well packed in bubble wrap. The cost, minus the 70 I paid for the original guitar second hand, will go to the activities of the social center.

Ask any questions!


The plane of the dead is hilarious out of pure silliness. It’s got all the B zombie movie tropes you can expect, and the package isn’t half bad. You just have to carefully avoid taking it seriously. Maybe exercising your suspension of disbelief would help with this movie. Lift some Uwe Boll movies or something, just to get ready to temporarily accept some serious bullshit.

Top secret, dangerous and unadvisable experiment on a commercial plane? check
The experiment is protected like shit and it breaks down at the first turbulence? Check
Everyone who knows what’s going on is an idiot? Check
People in row 12 get massacred, and a scene later the massacre of row 11 starts, because for some reason they didn’t fucking pay attention to the shit going down in row 12?? Check marafacka, check.
The army wants to shoot down the plane, but the plane is protected by some very thick plot armor? Check check check xDD
Man, it has it all, even idiots who get told to their faces: “Shit’s going down, I’ve seen horrible stuff, we are all going to die” who a bit later go “Oh, someone’s knocking at the door of the control cabin, and I’m the only pilot left here… better go see what’s up. Yep.

The “amazing” spiderman sucks half of the time. Ok, first a point in its favour: I thougth they were making the remake of the remake, less than a decade before the reboot. Turns out there were two spiderman comic storylines published by marvel, Spiderman and the “amazing” spiderman.

The “amazing” spiderman is different from the regular one in that the regular Peter Parker is a shy nerd, with superpowers, and the “amazing” peter parker is not shy nor a nerd, but mr. coolio who cools even cooler because he’s fucking spiderman and he knows it. This is an AMAZING premise for a movie, seriously, an unself-conscious superhero who just rocks being a superhero can be a pretty cool idea if it is pulled off correctly. Seriously, lots of potential there.

Then, why the fuch every 10 minutes of the movie do I have to watch some whiny bullshit about the internal moral dilemmas of spiderman about his hot girlfriend? And SO. MUCH. BULLSHIT!! “Oh babe, being around spiderman is dangerous, you could get hurt *sad music*” “Hey I’m a fucking grown woman, I decide to be with you and run the risk. Also I’m super intelligent and can help you against the baddies” “but… but… but… my masculine ego!!”. Seriously, half the movie is cool battles and spiderman sassing it up, half the movie is “do you want some cheese with your WHINE?” spiderman. Seriously dude, wtf, she’s an adult, a woman who can think for herself and who takes her own destiny in her own hands. Your misguided “love” for her is just cockblocking her from reaching her full potential. Be a fucking man and treat her like an equal, you pissy little bitch. You can coddle people to death, yeah, but it will be a sad and useless death, unlike you treating them like peers. Jesus W. Christ that I have to explain this shit in the 21st century.

The divide is an interesting movie. Ok, it gets boring at times, and imcomprehensible at other times (seriously where the fuck do the NBC suit dudes figure in?) but it is also an interesting representation of people in extreme situations. Locked up, with limited supplies, slowly descending into a spiral who endpoint is losing the higher qualities that we like to think of as “human” (as opposed to “animal”) and that we all like thinking that we have in droves. (Note: Don’t fool yourselves, we are essentially animals and those higher human qualities melt away in smoke at the second sign of trouble, except for exceptional cases like, say, Maximilian Kolbe. But let’s be honest here, neither me, nor you reading this, measure up to mr. Kolbe).

It is also a film that potraits quite well an extended game of Prisonners’ dilemma. Or a game of Red November, if you’ve ever played it. It’s pretty cool and you should play that game if you can. And honestly you should also learn about prisonners’ dilemma. 80% of existence inside human civilization is informed by prisonners’ dilemma.


Yeah, yeah. I watch films between other cool things.

The plane of the dead: Hilarious

Every time this guy was on screen I imagined him saying




The amazing spiderman: Not amazing.

The Divide: Interesting.


Put this concert on first. It will give you a deep enjoyement, if only knowing there’s such good stuff in Russia. Mr. Moustache: You like this. Admit it.

Ok, so… sometimes, at night, when I browse the internet, I put on the radio. Russian radio and stuff like that.
I put it on tonight to listen to some nice Russian talk show and wind down.

Tonight I put it on. But… it was beyond midnight. I caught on a really weird program on a radio called Echo of Moscow.

The anchor explained that we were going to here music and some interesting discussion. Then fires off a total techno song.

And after the song, they keep their program going… but they say “haha, people say we Russians we don’t speak English. Let’s do this program in English!”.

And I’m hearing a pretty weird, silly late night talk show/english lesson for weirdos in Russia who listen to midnight culture radio.

It’s pretty hilarious. xD

Lots of bullshit, and then in a very tender, silly way, and despite the considerable linguistical barrier, they try to have a bit of a conversation about interesting topics. It’s interesting. And weird.

The thing is, I can’t tell you much about it. I wish you guys would listen to the part in English and think about why do they choose to speak like that. Think about the topics they talk about.

That’s it. Like a good storyteller, no spoilers.

Cyberpunk Lanscape2


But I wish you’d understand.


(Also, if at one point you get it you’ll understand why I don’t just say it).


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