New Russian Chronicles
Actually, yeah, let's just call them Bulgarian


I’ve declined going to 300 Rise of an Empire to see an interesting Sci-Fi flick.


Divergent: Eventful.

Because honestly, I’ve said it already but it bears repeating: Girls who kick ass friggin’ RULE.

A series to follow.



A friend of mine asked me if I knew were to find the .rom of the arcade version of tetris, the one we’ve always played after depositing twentyfive pesetas in a machine. The Atari version, for connoisseurs.


Websites where you find .roms of old arcade videogames are dangerous places, any videogame nerd knows that. Very often you think you are downloading a .rom and actually you are downloading a nasty virus. It sucks. Pintsize could tell you about it.

Anyway, so I was trying to find the original .rom for a friend, which I totally haven’t managed, when I came across this, in a website describing the game.

Apart from being a fine game, Tetris is also a perfect mirror of the human condition. For a while the game is entertaining, and we seem to have mastered it and are having fun. Then, something goes wrong. A rash mistake, or an unfulfilled wish, and we’re fighting to repair the damage, but we’ve been thrown off-balance, and the cancer is spreading. Blocks that were once orderly and harmonious are jumbled and filled with holes, and our cup is on the verge of running over. There’s always a point at which we stop planning for the future, and realize that we don’t have one – all we can do is cling to the present and concentrate, focus our minds on what it’s like to be alive, to play the game, before it’s all over. You were waiting for a four-by-one block that never came. Eventually we stare death in the face, and death will not spare us because we would warn the others to stay away and not play the game. Sometimes we resist to the bitter end, moving blocks left and right without thought or care, just to hang on, and sometimes we accept the inevitable and pull the blocks down to us, smiling inwardly at the great joke. The rest is silence.

It’s funny to find such a reflection in a random website, and I wonder how many people have read it in full. 3? 4? I feel like I’ve just had a fleeting, intimate brushing, the way you sometimes read a book and you feel like, despite the difference in time, place and context, you understand, from a humane point of view, exactly what the author felt.

I feel like something has just happened.

And of course immediately posting about it here was the thing to do.

I also feel like that reflection gropes at the same point that the author of that famous reflection on Pac Man was trying to get to. No, not the one about electronic music, the one… I can’t find it, and I promise a bottle of Bulgarian wine to anyone that can find it, but there’s this quote about how Pac Man is a very good metaphore of life, since you might play very well, and even achieve some distinction, but in the end you will be overwhelmed and lose, there is no escape. That is life. At one point it ends, and the rest is silence.

We wait for our whole lives for that straight, four-by-one block, that is to find the meaning of this game we are playing, to get to the end of it and see the final scene. But that’s the point, we get a four-by-one and the game keeps going until we lose (die) and there is no meaning to be found. This game of life is just that, a constant fighting retreat and a constant battle to try and see over the walls of our little labyrinth, which in our case is a piece of rock floating around a mass of hot, constantly exploding hydrogen, in the arm of an unremarkable galaxy. And the rest is silence.

Anyway so… this is getting philosophical. Have some music and a nice day to boot. Also I’d like a shout out to my buddy (though we’ve never met) Alexei Pajintov. You are cool.

Ах, под сосною, под зеленою,
Спать положите вы меня…!


I’ve just made a discovery that has frozen my blood.




and one of these

Is actually THE SAME PERSON.


I don’t know why but it just dawned on me and it’s creeping the hell out of me.

I should stop this crap and publish that post in my draft box in which I speak about how the different eras in modern porn were brought about by changes in technology, really.


Just like any of you, I’m following what’s going on in Crimea really closely. And just that you know, I’m worried just like you. It’s ok to be worried.
One lesser known aspect of this conflict is that, following the referendum and the de-facto annexation, the Russian Federation moved in a functioning administration. Judges, people to issue documents, policemen, whatever. And among those, they’ve named a young Prosecutor General for Crimea. Among other reasons, because she was prosecuted by the new government in Kiev.

Let me introduce you to Natalia Poklonskaya

From the BBC website. De la página web de la BBC.

Al igual que vosotros, imagino, yo sigo muy de cerca lo de Crimea. Y voy preocupao, claro. Es normal estarlo. Un aspecto poco conocido del conflicto es que tras el referendum y la anexión de facto, la Federación de Rusia envió a Crimea un equipo de administración completo, jueces, administrativos… entre ellos está el reciente nombramiento de una jurista al puesto de fiscal general de Crimea, entre otras razones por haber sido perseguida por el nuevo gobierno de Kiev.

En la foto más arriba os presento a Natalia Poklonskaya.

Pero claro, aquí han llegado los japoneses a liarla, como es su costumbre. Se ve que tenían una mañana así lenta en el curro y colectivamente se han puesto a dibujar manga de la estimada camarada Poklonskaya.

Si esque no se les puede dejar sueltos xD // You gotta keep them on a short lease, these Japanese. ;)

Ve las imágenes completas aqui. See the complete set of images in the link to the left.

The point being that our friends the Japanese have become infatuated with her and started drawing manga of her.

This is definitely my favorite, she looks ready to kick ass. Girls who kick ass == awesome. // Esta es mi favorita, parece que se va a poner a dar leña. Las tias que dan leña == molan.

Kick ass. That’s my advice. // Reparte leña. Ese es mi consejo

Upstream colors is as weird as its name suggests, and it deserves to be moniked “Swedish Experimental”. It’s obviously a story at the 3rd or 4tf degree, not to be taken literally  at all. One of those movies to let every spectator wonder by himself how to interpret the movie. But on the level of what’s on the screen it’s the story of a complete, absolute and terryfing domination of someone, by someone. It is hard and hardening to watch. Be warned.


I’m back. And I’ve seen a movie.

Upstream Colour: Swedish experimental.

Pictured: The best moment of the movie.

The title…. I just don’t know if it can be translated at all.


Frank was not a happy person. Suffered from the particular form of melancholia of those who feel that the world doesn’t quite fit. Who feel like a circle in a world of wooden baby toys composed exclusively of squares and holes for squares.
Added to that unease, the persistent conviction that, without particular features, one was lost amongst many, just one more in a sea.


The usual thing, black and white without further ado. On top of that, the first and second fret buzzed, and the pickups sounded muddy and weak. The kind of person that felt left out in those rowdy modern shows with all the thumpa-thumpa, and always dreamed of gentler sounds.

So the day came to marshalled  courage, and asked a craftsman to do something about it.

Had you ever seen the insides of a guitar?

The first step was to cover the insides of the guitar and the pickguard with aluminium foil, to create a Faraday cage. What that does is isolate the cables inside into an EM radiation-free case. That is usually done in high end guitars because the cables can act as antenas and introduce that unpleasant EM buzz, when you aren’t touching the strings and you hear bzzzzzzzz…. but it goes away when you touch the strings. The pickguard got a similar treatement.

And if you think that I’m silly for using tinfoil, remember this proverb: Si para fender basta, para mi sobra.

DSCF0085The next step was to re-do and improve the wiring. But for that, the doc would need to create a new aperture, where before there was one. You can see the process in the next picture, along with a preview of the purely cosmetic changes already in progress.DSCF0086

It’s the little piercing north west of the diagonal line that you should be looking at. Normal guitars don’t have it.

Once that was done, the craftsman started working on the circuit properly. He checked it, re-soldered it for safety and in the process burnt on of the potentiometers, which had to be replaced. In the end, the circuit would boast a switch, to make her a 7-sound strat, and a treble bleed circuit on the volume pot to avoid the sound getting muddy, once you lower the volume.

This is the switch, the pink wires. It’s mounted on a cardboard test bench.DSCF0082

And here is the treble bleed circuit, the yellow thingy with a resistor.DSCF0084

When she woke up, she wasn’t the same person. Now she was Frannie, Frannie G. She could go to all those blues and jazz shows with her head high, and even hold her own at any rock show.

And from that point on, she didn’t feel as much that the world was a place without a place for her.DSC_7990

Just remember that you can see some more pictures if you go to my flickr albums on the right hand side, and click on “workshop blues”


Ever since the civil war in Syria started, videos started coming from it.

It is not the first war that is being shown through the social media. Those who remember the images of Muhammar Gadaffi dragged through the desert and beaten up know.

There are many videos coming from Syria. Improvised weapons, for instance, is one of the largest categories. Those improvised weapons range from hilarious to terryfing. The terryfing ones could be further subdivided in terryfing for the enemy (some) and terryfing for the user (most).

I realize, by the way, I am being a horrible teaser. I am going to talk about lots of videos that, by my description, will sound pretty interesting, but despite claiming to have seen then, will not show any. I am sorry. I hope you believe me, I am doing it for your own protection. The deal is simple: if you enjoy travelling by plane, I would advice you to watch too many of those videos. What with the panopticon society and all that jazz.
Oh and don’t worry about me. To quote the captain of the Titanic: “I know what I’m doing”.

Other videos are about improvised weapons, like the light tank controlled with a playstation pad.
Some are about how silly you can be, and one hint on this one: if you ever end up having a tank, do NOT go into urban terrain. Others show how brave you can be like the guy who throws an explosive at a tank, it falls short and doesn’t blow, and simply steps out of cover again to throw it again. Lemme tell you, that guy survived. I guess his enormous steel balls were deflecting the bullets.
One of my personal favorites is the one about a guy becoming deaf seconds before he became some thin, red mist. “Favorite” is a strong word, I am just amazed about how jaded you can be of war that your pal is shooting a machinegun, you need to get to the other side and instead of going behind him, which would have taken 2 more seconds, you just crouch under the hail of bullets. I guess the guy had earplug of something, otherwise I just… don’t know.

Some can give you a fleeting, very partial impression of what one must feel when fired upon by a tank. Others are even scarier, and I usually don’t watch those.

But today I saw a video and it’s fascinating. Here, have it:

Click here, look at it. It’s safe to look, there’s no blood or anything. I promise.

For me, several things strike a chord with me. First is the simple acts of this guys laughing and having a generally swell time. I mean, if you are not in immediate danger, why not do like they do it? Why not take the piss off the sniper that’s trying to kill you? Honestly, without an extremely robust sense of humour, how can you survive a war, psychologically speaking?

There’s also another detail… listen closely at the 2:30 and tell me if you recognize what the guy hums, when he exposes the dummy. You may recognize it if you are of my generation. Comment if you do, then we can keep this conversation going.



I… I don’t know what to say or add.


Thanks to one of those silly FB games I’ve learn about Henri Rousseau. And I’m glad I did. Rousseau was a post-impressionist painter of the late XIX century (thanks wikipedia).

Apparently he was scorned in life, and I can kinda see why: at first glance his paintings may seem like children’s drawings. But look again, they are certainly not.


He was also good with colour. I find “The snake enchantress” misterious and alluring.


You should check his other paintings. For instance one with modern (for his time) topics, like an iron bridge (surely Le pont des arts).















Let’s end this with some good music. Click here.


If you make a single negative comment on the fact that I watched a Disney movie, I will be miffed with you. This movie was worth it.And not just because of the TON of videogame references.

No quiero ni una risita porque me veo pelis de Disney. Esta peli molan, y no solo porque soy un friki y me gustan los juegos.

Wreck-it Ralph: intertextual.

There. Another review.

Because fuck….

Aeris lives. And All your Base. I mean. What else do you even want.??


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