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Avenue Q


Mira, los documentales no me llamaban la atención, hasta que descubrí este ¿Mola su tema o qué? xDDDDDDDDDDDD Con subtítulos en español!

Inglorious Basterds


Ok, this films is a piece of crap. Sorry. Had to get that out of my system. Tarantino is a great filmmaker. Great technique, boldness, audacity, everything’s there. Really, there is. The great takes, the suspense… the boldness of taking a subject that is usually considered “sacred” and doing something with it…. modifing history in […]

The Mama’s and the Papa’s…


… And the Tio’s and the Abuela’s.

:) The phillies!!


The Phillies reached the World Series!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

Good things about Paris, II


There are some things in Paris you can do right in the street and no one even looks at you. Oh, and, BTW… did I ever tell you I quite like baseball? Go Phillies!!!

Translation mountains, II


As promised, here is one translation mountain I mentioned. You see… my mom has always had this romantic image of the roofs of Paris. You can’t blame her. There are many nice views of those old roofs made of zinc. So… this summer I made a present for her. I found a book of watercolours, […]

Lo nuevo


The New: The well forgotten old. Nouveau: Vieux, mais bien oublié. Lo nuevo: Lo viejo, olvidado.



Now you know what I am up against. I think this picture deserves the song I would like played at my funeral.

The Cardigans


Well, you see, today was one of those cool days, so I am going to share something with you people. Nina Persson and The Cardigans. Et avec cette première lien, je presente en premier lieu, Lovefool, LA PIRE CHANSON the The Cardigans, sans aucune doute. Tel a elle été prononcé par… moi. Et en fait, […]

Guns! And! Roses!