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11-9 as usual


Dylan Tomas. Appropiate for first rule time. Goodbye, you. May a hunter’s moon be with you. Light breaks where no sun shines Dylan Thomas, 1914 – 1953 Light breaks where no sun shines; Where no sea runs, the waters of the heart Push in their tides; And, broken ghosts with glow-worms in their heads, The […]



Today, Bulgarian traditions! Hoy: Tradiciones búlgaras! That thing on my coat is a Martenitsa. Every 1st of March, Bulgarians give that to each other (specially bfs and gfs), and then wear it until they see a tree in blossom or a stork. When that happens, they hang it from a tree in blossom (or from […]

Mortadelo & Filemón


Ok, so this is a very Spanish thing. Mortadelo and Filemón are two comic characters from my childhood. I think two generations of Spanish kids and adults have read these, and I guess that, in a way, it’s had it’s share of cultural impact. But… it’s a very regional thing, and full of the most […]

Flat White


This is a commonplace moment that I am sure all of you know. But have you stopped to think of all the implications? Ok, let me explain: This is the moment when cities like Sofia become more difficult to move around in. In case you like videogames, this is a moment Panzer General lovers will […]

Bobby Chéri


It’s shocking how the same song can awake such vivid memories. Bobby chéri – Emilie Loizeau And how they feel worlds apart thanks to the perspective of time. Seriously, click on it, it’s a cool song. Also: don’t look at the video, it’s BS. The guy who did it obviously didn’t understand the lyrics at […]

My flat, my party, my r0lz.


Every time I did a party at myflat in Paris, it was a blast. The main reason is, I mixed all my social circles, which had nothing in common, and people got to knew interesting and new people. Another reason would be my beer machine. We could also mention that I have many friends, and […]

The city of last things – I


The logistics of disassembling your life What had happened with the books happened again, but with a vengeance. Remember how I got rid of a lot of books? The trick was to divide them into cathegories. These cathegories were “I’m not going to read this”, “oh come on, this either”, “let’s be honest, this either […]

The yearly droning


So there’s this Spanish tradition. And the problem is, I feel like I’ve written about it at some point on this blog, but I can’t seem to find it. Every single 22nd of December there’s a big lottery draw in Spain. The biggest of the year. And that day, instead of some boring old notary […]

Más metros del mundo


Es evidente que con el título hago referencia a aquel famoso y antiguo post, Metros del mundo. Añadamos pues un nuevo metro a la lista. 7. Sofia Vamos a ver, el metro Sofia tiene más bien poco margen de maniobra para trampas y movidas. No por nada, sino porque consiste en una línea. una. Que […]

8th of September


Ok, so do you want to know what I do on the 8th of September, every single year? I eat roasted chicken with champagne. Yup, welcome to the marvelous world of my family traditions. Because this is done, obviously enough, with family. It’s one of those nice things that started in my childhood and have […]