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I was dissapointed at age 7. My kindergaden teacher made us lay down and told us a cool story about being invited to fly a space rocket. She described very vividly and I was enthralled. And then, she ended it with the “and then you wake up and it was all a dream”. I just […]

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I’ve come home and I’ve seen the end of The Sixth sense with a guy who was seeing it for the third time and a girl watching it for the first time. Can you imagine a better setup? It’s a great movie, and it’s interesting seeing it more than once. Specially if you get to […]

Tararí que te vi


Have you ever watched that film about Hitler, downfall? I was watching it lately and I had a weird suspicion. It’s just been confirmed. From time to time there are black people in the background. Which would make no sense for the heart of 1945’s Berlin, now would it? Proof Judge for yourselves. ————————— Nymphomaniac […]