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A lullaby in Yiddish


Today, let’s go to the point. Let me share things I find cool. From the internet. Lullaby in Yiddish The Sydney weather radar (which has made me discover, by the way, the the currency in Cowboy Bebop, the Wollongongs, come from a city in Australia) And a composition of my own: Extremely unpolished version by […]

Little surprising things of the internet


is this near the bottom of the internet or not? Q: Has your web browser ever surprised you? A: This is, true as an unedited screencap, the toolbar of my browser. All normal, right? Just little text labels with the name and some information of pages, right? And then, you see it. Seriously, what do […]

This is a hard science fiction story.


yo:  bueno pues sonja:  lecciones de interpretacion jaja yo:  xD mejor mejor a ver ¿te he contado la historia de mis amigos los mecánicos y la pieza de su moto? sonja:  cuenta jajajaja no no mames vas transportando piezas de bulgaria a italia? eres mula de piezas de motos? andas tragando piezas de motos? yo:  […]

The first movies of 2013


2013 started with a very interesting movie and a classic. Chevaliers du Ciel: Expected Cazafantastmas II / Ghostbusters II: New York

Meghan Elisabeth Lanegal-Melua


I was cooking some chick peas this morning. This wouldn’t have much relevance, if it weren’t because, apparently, cooking chick peas takes my trains of thought on weird trips. Ok, so here it is: My favorite male singer is Mark Lanegan. My favorite female singer is Katie Melua. And so I was wondering….. what would […]

Holy shit balls, it’s 2013!


Mierda, estaba mirando hoy una carpeta y me he quedado con esto. Que movida, ¡es 2013! Shit, I was looking at a folder then it struck me. Holy fuck, it’s 2013! Putain, tout d’un coup ça m’a frappé, c’est 2013!   Eeet merde!

El primero de enero y las cosas raras


No one, no one is available on the 1st of January. It’s always like that. You go out on the street and you see people, but you wonder: are my friends particularly affected by the 1st of January, or are these people extras, going around town paid by some obscure interest to make people feel […]

The last films of 2012


When you start watching a movie directed by a Spaniard, you expect Spanish cinema. Just FYI, Spanish cinema has a terrible reputation in Spain, so it’s not like it’s a good thing. Then you see a film directed by a Spaniard, with a Catalan budget, and Robert DeNiro and Sigourney Weaver, and BLAM, mind blown. […]