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My profession


I make vague references to my work, sometimes. I speak about translation sometimes, but not about my main job. I have even shown snapshots of work documents, but I’ve never explained it. Here. Let me explain to you what I do to earn my bacon. I’m the guy with the tie, between the forst policeman […]

A, B and C languages (read before you post)


(A long time ago I published this article in a forum for interpreting students that is now about to dissapear. So let me repost it here, under a Creative Commons licence, so that it my benefit you. 🙂 Write if you have questions!!) by dawncloack » Thu Jan 22, 2009 8:20 pm Dear everyone Let’s […]

A few good men


Ok, super important thing about the Bulgarian language is this: Their direct and indirect style is reflected in the grammar. That’s weird, huh? I started this post in a pretty complicated way. But it’s true! Let me teach you a bit of Bulgarian. ———————————————————————————————————————————— The past simple Let’s say you want to use the past […]

A translator’s duty


Tonight, just as we speak, I’m doing something unusual and magical. There’s this person who has never before been mentioned on the internet. For the first time, she is going to be mentioned in an article, published in 4 languages simultaneously. I am in charge of the Spanish translation. I’ve researched the question thoroughly and […]

Challenging misconceptions


Hoy vamos a hablar de una frase que, desde hace siglos, se ha traducido mal. Concrétamente el famosísimo “Vini, Vidi, Vinci.” que pronunció el amiguete Julio Cesar derante del senado Romano, hace ya un tanto. Esta frase, en español, se traduce habitualmente por “Vine, vi y vencí.” Digamos las cosas claras: es la típica mala […]

La donna é mobile


Se per caso pensate que questa canzone é maschilista, non avete capito niente… Vous pensez que dire que “la femme est voluble, elle change d’avis” c’est du machisme, alors vous avez tout raté. Et oui. Vous voyez, d’abord et premier du tout… c’est vrai. 🙂 Mais attendez avant de me jeter des pierres! Vous avez […]

A slice-of-life post


Y por si acaso lo dudáis, si, Pedro J. Ramirez es amigo mio. Dawncloack dice: me pegaba un tiro en los comités de redacción Pedro J. Ramirez dice: Aja Dawncloack dice: xD hay cosas peores, tranqui Pedro J. Ramirez dice: Jaaajaja Dawncloack dice: los comités de redacción consisten en que tienen delante un borrados del […]

Translating graffitti!


I know I promised to talk about THE BIG, UNBEATABLE, UNSURMOUNTABLE TRANSLATION MOUNTAIN a long, long time ago, but I haven’t got around doing it. Be so kind as to deal with it. Today we are going to study a practical case of translation and a very interesting one. To give you some background, I […]



[quote=”Dawncloack”] But accent-wise, the worst are always the Koreans. IMHO. [/quote] Correction: Heard a Turkish minister read out a statement in… English I guess. I worked for THE Church the other day for the first time. For one of their most important charitable organization, to be precise. Very formative. I’ve discovered that in those places […]



I remember exactly the circumstance in which I learnt this word. Stateside. Does that happen to you a lot? I mean, remembering just when, and how you learnt a particular word? Well it happens to me. I guess, of course, that the experience must be completely different whether you are speaking your mother tongue or […]