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Music from *another* friend of mine.


I have this friend who is awesome. Rafa aka “El Mun”. And this is the deal: I think you totally should listen to his music. He’s an undiscovered talent, and that sucks because this guy HAS talent. Anyway, let me present him to you. His music will introduce him way better than I ever could. […]

Verano Azul –


Una de las cosas que mas me sorprende de vivir en Bulgaria es lo mucho que les gusta Verano Azul. Синьо лято (sínyo lyáto) en búlgaro. Absolutamente TODOS los búlgaros que conozco son capaces de silbar la sintonia, y TODOS lo han visto.

Obscure trade magazines


When I woke up this morning I didn’t know that there was a magazine for the oil industry. I mean, what was I thinking. I should have known. To be honest, it doesn’t read as any “haha oil, let’s fuck everything”. It’s a little thing for engineers and engineering techniques, mostly. It has “haha oil” […]

Double whammy


So today I inflicted two films upon myself. That was one extreme night. Battleship: Overload Iron man: Siegfried/malleable Which means that i saw two films, and . But one word per film is all that’s allow, see that I’m bending my own rules because that film seriously deserved both. That doesn’t mean it’s good.

The short-lived kingdom


Kosmas Dukas, king of Bulgaria, titles titles and count of Serdica! I never wanted to be king. My brother was supposed to be. My father would annoy him for hours on end, forcing her to sit by him in the privy council, taking him on campaigns, forcing him ever harder and harder to study strategy, […]



Pues nada,que es la única de la serie de Aliens que me faltaba por ver. Me las he visto todas, incluso la infumable AvP, y la horriblemente asquerosa e infumable hasta niveles inauditos AvP2. So I put it to you: ALIENS: BADASS