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Дорогой длинною


Music Once upon a time there was a tavern / Where we used to raise a glass or two / Remember how we laughed away the hours / And dreamed of all the great things we would do / [chorus] Those were the days my friend / We thought they’d never end / We’d sing […]

A translator’s duty


Tonight, just as we speak, I’m doing something unusual and magical. There’s this person who has never before been mentioned on the internet. For the first time, she is going to be mentioned in an article, published in 4 languages simultaneously. I am in charge of the Spanish translation. I’ve researched the question thoroughly and […]

Más metros del mundo


Es evidente que con el título hago referencia a aquel famoso y antiguo post, Metros del mundo. Añadamos pues un nuevo metro a la lista. 7. Sofia Vamos a ver, el metro Sofia tiene más bien poco margen de maniobra para trampas y movidas. No por nada, sino porque consiste en una línea. una. Que […]

Conversations in the booth


-Young interpreter: Well, that’s impressive, sir, how did you learn Eslovaquian AND Estonian? -Old interpreter: Oh, please, don’t “sir” me, just call me by my name. You see, I had it easy. I was married to an Eslovaquian and to an Estonian. But that didn’t end well. -YI: Oh… I’m sorry. What happened? -OI: Well, […]