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! I… I don’t know what to say or add.

Henri Rousseau


Thanks to one of those silly FB games I’ve learn about Henri Rousseau. And I’m glad I did. Rousseau was a post-impressionist painter of the late XIX century (thanks wikipedia). Apparently he was scorned in life, and I can kinda see why: at first glance his paintings may seem like children’s drawings. But look again, […]

Wreck-it Ralph


If you make a single negative comment on the fact that I watched a Disney movie, I will be miffed with you. This movie was worth it.And not just because of the TON of videogame references. No quiero ni una risita porque me veo pelis de Disney. Esta peli molan, y no solo porque soy […]

Fais click ici, steupé


Regarde, pour un peu donner la bataille aux anti-avortement en France, une chose à faire c’est mettre la page web du ministère de la santé, plein d’info neutre et outil, dans la première recherche de gugel. Alors fais click dans le lien pour le faire. Ça c’est en France, en Espagne on n’a pas d’espoir. […]

Chinese night


Tonight I had been thinking about China, a made a string of little discoveries. First, what if you are interested in knowing how to write something in Chinese, for whatever purpose? Imagine you want to have it on a T-Shirt or on a photoshopped picture. Well, if it’s a common concept, it’s a simple as […]

Much cinema has been seen.


Better late than never. I saw these movies during X-Mas. Jobs: So what. Elysium: Spirit of the times. Bunraku: Meta. Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hungers: Goretex. One thing is for sure: The poster doesn’t lie. There’s a ton of blood in this film.

Cuando miras Albacete, Albacete te mira.


Para la Albacete crew: un portavoz del PP ha salido en la tele y ha hablado de volver al consenso de 1985 de Felipe Gonzales y Alfredo Rubalcaber. ———— La versión de Colin Squirrell Farrel está muy bien, sabe lo que cuenta y lo cuenta. La del Schwarzie era mas jevy y mas ochentera, y […]