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We don’t get nearly enough guest posts in this blog. Just sayin’. This one is by LauriGami. Thanks, sis. ” I like Sci-Fi. I like a little too much violence. I like not-so-perfect heros, smart, manipulative vilains, unexpected revelations and carefully arranged shots with beautiful colors. “Snowpiercer” has all these ingredients… but sometimes too much […]

(Guest Post)Pequeño glosario al uso de los fumetas


Welcome to the jungle(Jangel) Pequeños recursos literarios para evitar la tostada prematura. Cuando un pavo te ralle/tueste/taladre aplíca los siguientes recursos: – Recurso 1: Pavo, me estás pegando el ralle. – Recurso 2: Pavo, menuda tostada me estás pegando. – Recurso 3: Pavo, me taladras. – Recurso 4: Ya me has sacao / Desenchufa la […]