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Movies and colors


Ok, so you should read this article. It has colored (no pun intended) my perception of movies ever since I read it. The article So, have you read it? Good. To sum up, I like paying attention to color filters when they show up. Mostly, as the article points out, they show up simply to […]

Lots of good films


Legacy of Rage (Brandon Lee, dude): American 1997 Escape from New York: Classic Unstoppable: Yellow Chocolate (the 2008 Thai artial arts movie, not the one about chocolate makes): VERY yellow I realize I am commenting many movies with colours, lately. An explanation is in order. Keep reading.

Tilda Swinton


This is the second time Tilda Swinton is featured in this blog. And you know what? I used to think that Tilda Swinton was awesome. Now, I’ve got proof. Es la segunda vez que Tilda Swinton aparece en este blog, y ¿sabes lo que te digo? Que antes pensaba que la Tilda era una tia […]

RIP Irony


Irony is dead. It is, really. I mean… Al-Assad tells Morsi he needs to step down Ok, ok, obviously it’s about a different thing. Assad is Alawite (an offshoot of the Shiites) and he hates the Muslim Brotherhood and stuff, who are Sunnies. So essentially the point is “Shit in your country is happening because […]

The short, violent life of the Ecuador Space Program


The Equatorian Space Program. I bet you didn’t even know it existed. Well it does. But this story has a sad ending. The first satellite of the Equatorian Spaceprogram, the NEE-01 PEGASO, has collided with the remains of an old soviet rocket. The satellite is working, but gyrating out of sync. It´s signal can’t be […]