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A, B and C languages (read before you post)


(A long time ago I published this article in a forum for interpreting students that is now about to dissapear. So let me repost it here, under a Creative Commons licence, so that it my benefit you. 🙂 Write if you have questions!!) by dawncloack » Thu Jan 22, 2009 8:20 pm Dear everyone Let’s […]

Ok, so Dover have convinced me


Well, so this happened tonight. I still like them and today I googled some songs by them. And I discovered this. It’s the contrast between the two songs. This is them playing one of their older songs, live acoustic. And this is them playing some of their new-style stuff, where they don’t play rock or […]

Bobby Chéri


It’s shocking how the same song can awake such vivid memories. Bobby chéri – Emilie Loizeau And how they feel worlds apart thanks to the perspective of time. Seriously, click on it, it’s a cool song. Also: don’t look at the video, it’s BS. The guy who did it obviously didn’t understand the lyrics at […]



Bon, comme j’ai promis je parlerai maintenant de l’opera particulier que j’ai vu. C’est une opera de Wagner qui s’appelle Siegfried. Une opera allemande, ça implique: – Des gens qui chantent en allemand – Quelqun qui s’appelle Siegfried – Dieux nordics – Dragons, nains, ours, et des trucs bien cool. – Une ou plusieurs Valkiries. […]

Don Camillo


Today I saw an old film, a real underdog, unknown classic. Don Camillo: Crema/genius You will have noticed I’ve called it genius. Trust me, this1952 Italian/French film deserves that. I mean, srsly: In the films, the two guys pictured are having a conversation. Here’s the IMDB entry.

Ray Bradbury


Ray Bradbury, was a great guy and an awesome writer. Everything I’ve read by him reduces me to tears, and has taught me a lot. I am sincerely sad and I think it’s everyone’s loss. I wish I could speak more eloquently about him. The only thing I have to say is that you should […]



Que est-ce que c’est l’Opera? Vous allez découvrir le secret le mieux gardé de l’opera dans ce post. Opera Je me suis tapé une opera l’autre jour. Voilà, c’est dit. Alors, je va expliquer l’experience, en parlant de ça dans deux posts. Ceci, le premier, parlera de l’opera en général et fera le lien avec […]