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The music of chance


I don’t know if you know about bitcoins. Let me summarize in three bullet points. – It’s a decentraliced currency created through a clever cryptography algorhytm, that is created (more or less) at the same rate always (so no human intervention to increase or decrease the monetary mass in circulation). The advantages toted by its […]

I’ve found some music that I really, really like


And I think you should partake too. Brass, wood and wires Listen to these people. They are awesome. From their soundcloud. ——————————————————————————————————————- The incredibles was very interesting. It’s full of clichés, but if you actually take a look at it, it’s a pretty radical movie, harpering on and on about participation, and standing up for […]



Je passe ces derniers jours avant le nouvel an dans un état d’euphorie. J’ai passé par “El zulo” avec des grands amis et des choses trop bien sont sorties de la session. Et ça n’est que un teaser. On ne peut pas vivre sans impulse créatif. —————————————————————————————- The Hobbit is nice and all, a good […]

Eric Clapton is a bit of a Robot.


Hello, my name is Hexadecimal16431834 and you’d better start smiling because fun is mandatory. Next on Radio Free AI: Let’s criticise something or someone. So: I’ve listened to hours and hours of Slowhand, and I like him. Who wouldn’t, he’s given things to music. That said, dunno, I like him less with time. Well, not […]

Brothers and sisters…


¡Ya, YA! Ya he acabado mi actual currele con los curas. Y nada, como llevo un mes entero escuchando “los hermanos esto”, “las hermanas aquello” pos os dejo una canción que me gusta mucho de los Blur y que pega al contexto. FINALLY! My current assignement with all these priests is over and, after a […]

Music from *another* friend of mine.


I have this friend who is awesome. Rafa aka “El Mun”. And this is the deal: I think you totally should listen to his music. He’s an undiscovered talent, and that sucks because this guy HAS talent. Anyway, let me present him to you. His music will introduce him way better than I ever could. […]

Ok, so Dover have convinced me


Well, so this happened tonight. I still like them and today I googled some songs by them. And I discovered this. It’s the contrast between the two songs. This is them playing one of their older songs, live acoustic. And this is them playing some of their new-style stuff, where they don’t play rock or […]

A Pain in the Ass compilation


Voici un morceau ENORME d’histoire musical. Au moins de la mienne. Vous voyez, il y a ce type, dont je parle parfois, qui fait la musique et tout et tout. Il s’appelle Troy McLure et vous vous souvenez de lui surement dans des posts comme Music from a friend of mine. Do listen to it […]

Emotions, music and stuff


Ok, I’ve already confessed it once, here , so why not just talk about it? I like Dover. I don’t dig their second to last album nearly as much as I liked the old ones and I am not into their last. And that despite the fact that there are fantastic glimpses of themselves in […]



Paul xD ¿Sabes por qué habrías estado orgulloso de mi? Porque al while de ayer le he añadido un FOR! ZAS! Luis XDXD pero ese for esta bien añadio o como el while de ayer Paul No, no, lo hice bien. Y luego le he rezado una hora a Dennis Richie. Luis y eso que […]