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Advice on Bitcoin


If you don’t mind, I am going to try and offer a little piece of advice. Do you know about bitcoin, the digital, decentralized currency? You might have friends getting into it or might have heard about it on the news. Here, in order to help you make informed decisions, we’ve decided to offer you […]



Estoy en una importantísima reunión en Albacete city. Una cena de navidad improvisada en un laboratorio de alta tecnología fluye como un haiku cyber en una poesía punk. I’m in the middle of a very important meeting in Albacete. An improvised christmas dinner takes place in a high tech lab. The main meal was sushi. […]

Cops and female super heroes


Apparently some people love my film reviews. Maybe I should do more. 16 blocks:Unexpected. From It’s like, I’ve wielded so many of these, I don’t care anymore. And then My Super ex Girlfriend: subtle But don’t trust me on this one. I stop being objective when it comes to someone so obviously very intelligent. […]

Fragments of a 3D rose


In 1977, William Gibson (PBUH) wrote a short story called Fragments of a hologram rose. In it, a dejected lover relies on partial, fragmentary holographic and sensorial recordings of his relationship to manage sleep. From William Gibson went on to greater things. He invented an entire literary genre (Cyberpunk). His novel, along with Snow […]

A passport ever so more awesome


También conocido como “Un pasaporte mas brutal”. I recently mentioned Finnish and Spanish passports. Ya he hablado de los pasaportes finlandeses y españoles. But I can always deliver more and so I have. Pero yo siempre puedo dar el extra así que aqui está Norwegian passports // Pasaportes de Noruega From the It’s all […]

Get a Finnish passport


Seriously. Spanish passports are pretty and all. They have birds and other animals on them. Preeeetyyyy… But the misterious northern peoples of Finaldn know stuff. Stuff that makes us tip our hat and applaude. To add some music to it we could paste here the literal first result of writing “Finnish experimental music” on youtube. […]

A blood sacrifice to the RNG


– Oh holy Random Number Generator, in thee I believe!! You, all powerful, deity to which every deity bows, you who bends the universe to your will! In thee I believe! The apprentice looked at the madman go on and on about his rant by the rail of the bridge. He stepped closer to the […]