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A blood sacrifice to the RNG


– Oh holy Random Number Generator, in thee I believe!! You, all powerful, deity to which every deity bows, you who bends the universe to your will! In thee I believe! The apprentice looked at the madman go on and on about his rant by the rail of the bridge. He stepped closer to the […]

Stolen bridges


It’s not the first time thieves have displayed such ambition. Earlier this year half a bridge in India was stolen over the course of three days – the 40 thieves involved told a guard they had been contracted by the public works department, and blithely set up their cranes. Last year, in the Czech Republic, […]



[…] You see, it’s just like I imagine written fiction came into being. At first very, very few people could write and those who could worked just for, say, kings and for official records. Timidly, some of those very few people would commit some lines to paper… and write down what they felt like, maybe […]

The bridge to somewhere


It turns out there are real bridges, with water and stuff, in Castilian lands, and I can prove it with this picture. In it you can see not only the bridges but also two very good friends. This pic was taken on the 1st of January, and we actually woke up at 9am just to […]

The pontoon trilogy, pt.2


Pontoon bridges. In case you have never heard that word, do put on the suit you use to visit wikipedia. Link You probably don’t know, as many don’t, that the idea for modern ponton bridges and pontoon piers was Churchill’s. He had it during WWI. And here is a picture of the little pontoon bridge […]

The pontoon trilogy, I


Mon pétit pont bien aimé, près de chez moi sur le canal de St. Martin, et referencié dans cet article. Et oui, le guilde des engineurs à consideré qu’il fallait un bon entretien de ce pont, et ils l’ont démonté, comme vous pouvez voir dans la photo plus en bas. Vous saviez pas que un […]

More bridges without water


Another bridge in my home town. Ok, it’s not a bridge, it’s an overpass. But it still takes you to the other side. “El porvenir es tan irrevocable como el rigido ayer. No hay una cosa que no sea una letra silenciosa de la eterna escritura indescifrable cuyo libro es el tiempo. Quien se aleja […]

A bridge in an unlikely place


This is about the only bridge of my home town. You may laugh, but it used to be a useful bridge. There was a train line going under it, and it was high enough for someone to commit suicide. But that was long ago, that story is buried in the hazy memories of those who […]

Mark V


Another bridge of Paris. A bridge baking on a very warm july day, with a marvellous, stark sun transmitting significant amounts of joules to everyone’s skin. A warm day of balmy breezes. This particular bridge was beside one of those… Paris-plages. I was with a very good friend of mine, who had come visit me. […]



This is the bridge at Lugo, or Lucus Augusti. It dates back to the lower Roman empire, and has endured some reconstructions. It is, still today, the only bridge in service in this city (about which I’ll write soon enough). Think about it. The stones of this bridge are more than two thousand years old. […]