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Things not to do at night


1- Reach the holy writings after seeing one verse quoted on a facebook status. Since it can be poetic, but also creepy. Writings of Job 2- Read forums that show me that I’m completely outdated about videogames. And that some genres are already using their last original scripts. I say that because they’re already mixing […]

There will come soft rains


Today I am back in Rome for the first time after the summer. Work and all. Coming out of the station I decided to be practical and go to the supermarket to buy my week of groceries. While on the train from the airport and when I entered the supermarket, the sky was blue, the […]

Why I like anthems


Because… no, I must give you some background. Ok, musically they are nice. But also… I think many times they contain something nice, something true. Something that can appeal to all decent human beings. I don’t mean the patriotic “love your country right or wrong” crap. I hate patriotism, remember? But many anthems appeal also […]

Music from a friend of mine. Do listen to it.


So… a friend of mine just sent me an email. You can read it below. He’s one of my best friends and his music is amazing. He’s a great guy, one of the persons I can say to share a life with. Really, listen to him. You can download his album for free, or listen […]

Encore des surprises dans les jeux vidéo


En general los juegos de estrategia siguen la realidad pero a veces se les va la olla a Cuenca. Non, mais… hônnetement, les jeux de stratégie sont programés pour suivre ou pas l’histoire réel… c’est à dire, en général ils suivent la réalité, mais pas toujours. Mais putain, il y a des choses un peu […]



I remember exactly the circumstance in which I learnt this word. Stateside. Does that happen to you a lot? I mean, remembering just when, and how you learnt a particular word? Well it happens to me. I guess, of course, that the experience must be completely different whether you are speaking your mother tongue or […]

Things about TV programs


He descubierto una cosa bastante guapa sobre la televisión. Mirad… ¿sabeis lo guionistas? Bueno pues, creo que llevan un par de años con una apuesta entre ellos. Una apuesta que se resume en “Oye, vamos a hacer interesante la profesión mas aburrida que encontremos.” Por ejemplo: “Hey, ¿a que nadie es capaz de hacer interesante […]

Up in the air


Ce film m’a beaucoup frappé. Et je voudrais parler plus d’un mot, mais, alas. Quelqun veut le voir/commenter avec moi? Up in the air: Pertinent.

La femme de ménage, les ados italiens et l’avortement


Je l’avais promis, alors je dois raconter l’histoire. The expert Dans le Pushkin il y avait des femmes de ménage. Je ne sais pas combien, je connais seulement celle qui travaillait dans mon étage. Elle venait une fois par semaine, à balayer et netoyer la salle de bain. (Chose que je faisais, de toute manière, […]