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The small victories


Historical records at this point consist mostly of records of songs of the time, compendiums of tales of bards by some villagers and some partial data of the census thanks to churches. From that it is possible to infere fairly solidly what the historical timeline was. This is a rough outline of the records that […]

El primero de enero y las cosas raras


No one, no one is available on the 1st of January. It’s always like that. You go out on the street and you see people, but you wonder: are my friends particularly affected by the 1st of January, or are these people extras, going around town paid by some obscure interest to make people feel […]

The Rad reign


All hail Rad Dukas, Count of Serdica, Prince of Tyrnovo, Prince of Wallachia, titles titles and King of Bulgaria! The boy had in fact been informed, at some point, that he was in the line of succession. But that was back when he was a child, and “line of succession” was a terribly abstract concept, […]

The short-lived kingdom


Kosmas Dukas, king of Bulgaria, titles titles and count of Serdica! I never wanted to be king. My brother was supposed to be. My father would annoy him for hours on end, forcing her to sit by him in the privy council, taking him on campaigns, forcing him ever harder and harder to study strategy, […]

IV – The videogames that made the man


So what are the video games that occupied, and occupy more of my time? I would love to be able to make a proper top ten, but honestly I don’t remember exactly how many hours I played each video game. And it’s one of those things, if I was able to know, maybe I wouldn’t […]

III – Art


Is a panting art? The usual answer is yes. Is grafitti “art”? Then the controversy starts. Is music art? The usual answer is yes. Is Heavy Metal then, art? Not everyone would agree (I think it is). Is filmmaking art? It might surprise you but not everyone thinks it is. Is “Die Hard III” art? […]

II – Videogames in their larger context


I like video games. Can I make a secret of it? Of course I can’t. And you know what? I am proud of it, video games have given me a lot. Yeah, it has to be accepted, video games can be a form of literature. Of course, most video games used to be just like […]

I – Summoning the devil to talk about video games


Isaac Asimov is known mainly as a science fiction writer. That said, he wrote on many other topics. He has a lot of books on popular science, and much fiction that has nothing to do with Science. He has, for instance, an extremely witty series of short stories about a man who can summon a […]

Peace, reconstruction and murder


Finally, peace has come to the kingdom of Bulgaria. Nothing did the king want more than peace. But peace was elusive, since the king had to finish all those wars of aggressive and unjustified conquest. But now that no weak and easily conquered states remain within his reach, he can enjoy peace for his serfs. […]

The conquest of the Pecheneg


This is a small overview of our kingdom, the Kingdom of Bulgaria, wisely and justly ruled by Ioannes Dukas, King of Bulgaria, Prince of Tarnovo, titles titles and count of Serdica. All hail Ioannes Dukas, King of Bulgaria! The Kingdom of Bulgaria includes the small royal demesne, the county of Serdica, and all of our […]