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THE bottom of the internet?


*We interrupt this program to bring you an urgent news report* Ladies and gentlemen, I… I might have found it. I put it to you: Is THIS the bottom of the internet? I put it to you: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Click under your own responsability XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I warn you that it’s insidious. The depth of how bad […]

Plans of nuclear reactors


All of my faithful and friendly readers have guesse by now that one of my calls in life is to find the bottom of the internet. I get close sometimes, I can feel it. It’s like staring at the abyss: it stares back at you. Or like french-kissing Cthulu: It’s sticky, not particularly easy and […]

Weird Disney


One of the things you are exposed to when your mission is to find the bottom of the internet is weird videos. For instance, there’s this D… Disney video? Holy shit, this is a disney video? From, like, Disney? Holy mother of god.

Broken mental vacuum seal


This post was fashioned one night under a lot of influence, a long time ago… April 2010 I think. I never published it because…. well…. So yeah, enjoy it. ————————————————————————————————- Must be very edumacational! Anyway your turn, you were saying some stuff about traditions. I bet they’re more interesting than mine! Le Chevalieur Seul dice: […]