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A Bridge too wobbly


J’aime ce pont. Il est pétit, voire mignon. Et il a quelque chose de très special. Si on se met au milieu et on saute, le pont, le pont bouge! Il chancelle!! 😀 Par ailleurs, remerciements à la magnifique photograph, Gémilé! 🙂 Click and then keep reading A Bridge Too Far may refer to: * […]



“He works for internal affairs…” (The KGB-like organs are known as the “Internal Organs”) in Russian. Back to the USSR!

Nooooooo! Please no!!


The daughters of the president of Spain are goths. WHY! OH WHY!! What did we do to deserve this!!

Madonna y su rayo de luz


Me da la impresión que esto puede sorprender a más de uno. Madonna me cae bien. Ya esta, lo he dicho. Mira que se que es una cabrona, que cualquiera que haya revelado un secreto suyo ha sufrido la ira de sus abogados,que es de lo más comercial que hay… y sin embargo, me cae […]

Useful, open source programs


Hey! Today I was thinking about starting up a database… nothing important, whatever. But that got me thinking: are there any good programs to make databases? Programs which are free, open source? And suddenly I remembered my times as a UN Volunteer. Yep, that does exist. Lemme show it to you. United Nations Online Volunteers […]