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I’ve been back to the place. Every time I go to Barcelona, at least for a few hours, tears are never far away. I think of Barcelona towering over me, looking down on me and asking me what have I done away from her. Have I been an honorable son of Barcelona? Have I learnt […]

Zas, en toda la boca


Ok, remember one of my posts a couple of weeks back? The one about why some pages existed, who created them? Imagine my surprise today: Right until now I thoought that those misterious pages were extremely small and obscure articles, just some lines that someone had written. Today I discovered that in fact, some of […]

More bridges without water


Another bridge in my home town. Ok, it’s not a bridge, it’s an overpass. But it still takes you to the other side. “El porvenir es tan irrevocable como el rigido ayer. No hay una cosa que no sea una letra silenciosa de la eterna escritura indescifrable cuyo libro es el tiempo. Quien se aleja […]

Amazing things – Old Russian fotographs


Fotos del imperio ruso de hace un siglo. En color. De verdad. Pictures of the Russian empire, 100 years ago. In color. Serously. Link Fueron tomadas con una extrañísima técnica ya olvidada: hacer tres fotos de lo mismo, en rápida sucesión, una con un filtro verde, otra rojo, y otra amarillo. Y superponerlas. They were […]

Amazing things – La Copla


Ok, so I’m starting a new cathegory here. Amazing things. Things I find amazing and I want to share with you, the reader. So, today I listened to some really classic Spanish folk music. Copla. Let me quote someone much cleverer than me, to illustrate what Copla is: The copla and the Spanish popular song […]

Dual monitors


I really admire guys who work in computers with dual monitors. It’s like they are more real, more IT guys. It’s like having a revolver for a cowboy. Like, look at this picture. It’s one of those caricatures with very little joke in it. Seriously, that could be my brother any given day. Didn’t take […]

10 7 2


So I was told today: Looks like I’m in control, but I’m waffling a decision. I have to decide a path and stick to it. It will be painful (the most difficult road) but ultimately will bring me hapiness. I will decide. Among the maxims on Lord Naoshige’s wall there was this one: “Matters of […]



How is it possible that I’m getting that premonition feeling, like the one you get just before you are dumped, if I’m single. How?? It is a mistery

Not exactly strangers


Me acabo de encontrar a una pareja de mediana edad por la calle. Tenian un mapa, y me he dicho que a lo mejor necesitaban alguna orientación. No les hacía falta, pero al despedirse, el instinto me ha dicho que eran catalanes. Total, que les he entrado en catalán, y les he dicho que yo […]

Love in a glossary


Seguro que pensabais que un simple glosario no podía contener amor. Yo creo que si. Je suis convaincu que vous pensiez que un glossaire ne pouvait heberger l’amour dans son sein. Moi, j’y crois. I’m sure you thought that love can’t fit in a glossary. I think it can. Vaya vaya… ¿qué esconde esa página […]