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Mhhh… vous savez, normalement j’utilise un mot pour mes critiques. Juste un mot. Mais… je vais désobéir ma propre norme, comme je l’ai déjà fait une fois, parce que j’ai vu un film dont la critique à besoin… pas de plus d’un mot (comme l’autre fois) mais d’un cri. Un cri de frustration. Alors, le […]

Find an appartment in Paris


Public Service Announcement!! So, you wanna come to live in Paris. You got a job, you’re a student. And you have already started to hear about the horrors of accommodation in Paris. They have told you already that you have to go through agencies that have you by the balls, and have guarantors. People who […]

Trouver appartement à Paris


Ok, people, this is a Public Service Announcement: Alors, tu veux venir à vivre à Paris. T’as du boulot, t’es étudiant. Et on t’a déjà commencé à raconter les horreurs du logement à Paris. On t’a dit déjà que tu dois passer par des agences qui t’ont par les couilles, et avoir des garants. Des […]

A lesson on economics


Ok guys, this blog is usually all fun and lulz, but let’s take a look at a serious matter for once. I’m going to speak about economics, and explain to you why we are truly and royally fucked. Someone asked me on a status “serious question here – in your own personal opinion – what’s […]

Peace, reconstruction and murder


Finally, peace has come to the kingdom of Bulgaria. Nothing did the king want more than peace. But peace was elusive, since the king had to finish all those wars of aggressive and unjustified conquest. But now that no weak and easily conquered states remain within his reach, he can enjoy peace for his serfs. […]

The Turk, the Slovak girls and a scream that froze my blood


Ok, so I had promised this story long ago and finally I’m going to go ahead and tell it. Guess who’s coming to dinner During my first year in Russia I had different next door neighbors. It was inevitable, since it was a dorm with a high turnover. One day I had some Italian kids, […]

Juranal park


Is there any movie in the universe better than Ghostbusters? No, no there isn’t. Except Ghostbusters II. And Indiana Jones. And Jurassic Park. And that’s the problem with writing a blog, and of thinking in general. Every time you take a train of thought, you don’t know where it will take you. So sit down […]