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Gran Torino


Hacia un huevo que no miraba una peli, ¿eh? Enga, vamos al tema. Gran Torino: Rich ¿A que lo hago bien? Tendría que ser yo el crítico estrella de Hollywood. Anuncios

The conquest of the Pecheneg


This is a small overview of our kingdom, the Kingdom of Bulgaria, wisely and justly ruled by Ioannes Dukas, King of Bulgaria, Prince of Tarnovo, titles titles and count of Serdica. All hail Ioannes Dukas, King of Bulgaria! The Kingdom of Bulgaria includes the small royal demesne, the county of Serdica, and all of our […]

The yearly droning


So there’s this Spanish tradition. And the problem is, I feel like I’ve written about it at some point on this blog, but I can’t seem to find it. Every single 22nd of December there’s a big lottery draw in Spain. The biggest of the year. And that day, instead of some boring old notary […]

Your tax dollars at work


I hate waste and inneficiency. Seriously. I hate it when politicians waste our time instead of doing their fucking jobs. Gets my blood boiling, the gall those bastards have, the arrogance of being paid by us all and the fuck around and do their stuff when they should be doing research and learning management. (And […]

The Kingdom of Bulgaria


Music – click to make your read more epic My name is Ioannes Dukas. – Hail Ioannes Dukas, King of Bulgaria, Prince of Tarnovo, titles titles and count of Serdica! —————————————————- The recently formed Kingdom of Bulgaria, founded barely some decades ago, seems to enjoy stable and quiet borders with his powerful southern neighbor and […]