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Total Rekall – The remaking


I have just watched a sci-fu movie and I’ve found it interesting, specially since it’s the first remake I see knowing the original film. It was interesting. Total Rekall – The Remaking of the red-o: Stylized. It has Colin “Squirrell” Farrell in it.

The Hobbit: The desolation of 3D


I’m not going to do what I usually do. I saw The Hobbit Pt.2 the other day and I would like to say more than a word about it. Now, the film in itself is fine. It’s fun, adventures, and swordplay, elves and shit. Fine. But this movie has helped me understand what is it […]

The past and the present // Mira la peña toa maqueá


Mira la peña maqueá. This articule makes me feel good and in touch with the universe. I know, you are probably thinking I’m weird, but seeing classical statues not as “omg the classical world wow it was so superior!!*” but as simple representations of who they were, human beings, much like a picture of someone […]