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So I was in Lyon around a month ago. I have this very good friend there, and I HAD to pay a visit, which gave way to a series of very interesting firsts! – Covoiturage: Yep. That’s what all the cool kids are using these days. Essentially people who are travelling somewhere (either on a […]

Translating graffitti!


I know I promised to talk about THE BIG, UNBEATABLE, UNSURMOUNTABLE TRANSLATION MOUNTAIN a long, long time ago, but I haven’t got around doing it. Be so kind as to deal with it. Today we are going to study a practical case of translation and a very interesting one. To give you some background, I […]

Les sommets d’internet / The summits of the internet


Je reconnais que, dernièrement, j’ai ajouté pas mal de posts dans cette cathégorie deplaisante, Cthulhu’s belly lint. Alors on va changer, je vous montre les meilleurs moments d’internet. LOLOLOLOL… because it’s a joke, right? (The onion) Questionable Content Paint is an amazing toy (Not strictly internet) And my favorite: XKCD But wait, there’s more! There’s […]