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A Pain in the Ass compilation


Voici un morceau ENORME d’histoire musical. Au moins de la mienne. Vous voyez, il y a ce type, dont je parle parfois, qui fait la musique et tout et tout. Il s’appelle Troy McLure et vous vous souvenez de lui surement dans des posts comme Music from a friend of mine. Do listen to it […]

A few good men


Ok, super important thing about the Bulgarian language is this: Their direct and indirect style is reflected in the grammar. That’s weird, huh? I started this post in a pretty complicated way. But it’s true! Let me teach you a bit of Bulgarian. ———————————————————————————————————————————— The past simple Let’s say you want to use the past […]

Emotions, music and stuff


Ok, I’ve already confessed it once, here , so why not just talk about it? I like Dover. I don’t dig their second to last album nearly as much as I liked the old ones and I am not into their last. And that despite the fact that there are fantastic glimpses of themselves in […]

My flat, my party, my r0lz.


Every time I did a party at myflat in Paris, it was a blast. The main reason is, I mixed all my social circles, which had nothing in common, and people got to knew interesting and new people. Another reason would be my beer machine. We could also mention that I have many friends, and […]

The city of last things – II


Et alors… que est-ce que je laissais derrière? En fait, pour faire une de mes listes, des taches de café dues à l’explosion d’une cafetière, une note collée à un mur, quelques étagières. En fait je laissé l’appart ou j’ai vecu plus longtemps depuis mes 18 ans. Ouais, mon appart à la rue Barbanegre, c’était […]

Plans of nuclear reactors


All of my faithful and friendly readers have guesse by now that one of my calls in life is to find the bottom of the internet. I get close sometimes, I can feel it. It’s like staring at the abyss: it stares back at you. Or like french-kissing Cthulu: It’s sticky, not particularly easy and […]