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More of my favorite objects


Here it is, I got it today in the mail. HAS HE GONE CRAZY?? DID HE GET AN IPHONE?? Nope. Haha! I’m no Steve Jobs slave! It’s a cheap chinese knockoff. It does everything the iphone does, minus phone and internet, the two things I have already covered. So I can listen to music and […]

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Wow, who could have said that I’d feel like posting my last post the day before I’d watch that amazing movie. So appropiate. But to the point: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Real. 🙂 So there. I saw a movie.

Clean breaks


Cortar limpiamente, he ahí una verdadera heroicidad a la que no se le da suficiente relieve. Y es que todo el mundo quiere ser un héroe hoy en día. Todo el mundo se dice “quedamos como amigos” y nosequé, especialmente los que aún están bajo los efectos del choque. Pero vamos, que todos juramos que […]

8th of September


Ok, so do you want to know what I do on the 8th of September, every single year? I eat roasted chicken with champagne. Yup, welcome to the marvelous world of my family traditions. Because this is done, obviously enough, with family. It’s one of those nice things that started in my childhood and have […]

I, Robot


So yeah, I saw this film, and now gotta comment it right? I, Robot: Uneven. OH and…. THIS BLOG IS OVER 2 years old!!! 😀 YAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Thanks to all of you who sometimes peruse it and scowl at my attempts at humor.