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Martial arts, ships and goals


Bruce lee: Bruce lee Totti’s 282 goals: Excessive Master and commander: Realistically Epic The man with the iron fists: Ninjanegratazzzzzzzzzz Those are all great films. And because I’m in a certain mood that’s going to make me go down into a basement, and, much like the first circle of hell, take flaming irons and solder […]

Estonia in Videogames


I like videogames, that should be obvious. I’ve even written about that. I also like Estonia, I was there once, enjoyed the shit out of it, and to top it all off, I have amazing friends from there. Also, Estonia is a country. And countries tend to appear in videogames. However… Sometimes, weird shit happens. […]

The door at Freud’s museum


So I visited Sigmund Freud’s musem the other day. It was very, very cool. And you know, there were two funny things. The first is that it has inspired me to create a new category for the silly texts in this blog. But the second, and more important, is that it is the only house-turned-museum […]



Rosario Dawson is damn sexy, I gotta say. And she does some fine acting. Trance: Almost

A trip to hades


My roommates have been nice enough to invite me for a walk of some deep, deep pits and trenches of the internet. Seriously, what have I done to them? Let’s cathegorize them: Award If Cthulhu has a face Donatella Versace. Ugly warning Award Why does this even exist Stella the sheep. Definitely Not Safe to […]