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DD, JR, and Sci-Fi


I’ve been watching moviez. Dylan Dog: self-contained Honestly would you think these two guys are the same? Automata: proletariat Jack Ryan – Shadow Recruit: Déjà Vu. (I honestly wrote “Jason Bourne” on this one. Lapsus)

Cops and female super heroes


Apparently some people love my film reviews. Maybe I should do more. 16 blocks:Unexpected. From It’s like, I’ve wielded so many of these, I don’t care anymore. And then My Super ex Girlfriend: subtle But don’t trust me on this one. I stop being objective when it comes to someone so obviously very intelligent. […]

Lone ranger, Letter to America, Ghostbusters.


Lone Ranger: Subtext Letter to America: Deep. Ghostbusters: New York Saying that a movie is deep is a fucking compliment. It’s a slow movie but if you find a good translation of it you are in for a fascinating indie movie. Este tio y su prima la del pueblo van a daros emociones muy fuertes […]

The Croods


The Croods: Metaphorical. This guy (From Plays with his monkey. ————————————————————————————–

Zombies, espiderman, apocalypse films and shit


Yeah, yeah. I watch films between other cool things. The plane of the dead: Hilarious Every time this guy was on screen I imagined him saying     The amazing spiderman: Not amazing. The Divide: Interesting.



I keep watching movies and now I’ve watched one I have liked very much and that you should watch at the first chance you have. Specially if you own one of those iPhonies that kids have these days. And soon you will soon why. And trust me… It’s not just this guy’s pedo ‘stache. Her: […]

A barrage of movies


Nymphomaniac: Splendorous and hard. Gravity: original Oh and REC: Definitiva. What do this From The Guardian this   and this   From have in common?     … That they are awesome and you should watch them all, and then comment them with your friends. I don’t know if you know, but the second […]

Upstream colour.


I’m back. And I’ve seen a movie. Upstream Colour: Swedish experimental. The title…. I just don’t know if it can be translated at all.

Wreck-it Ralph


If you make a single negative comment on the fact that I watched a Disney movie, I will be miffed with you. This movie was worth it.And not just because of the TON of videogame references. No quiero ni una risita porque me veo pelis de Disney. Esta peli molan, y no solo porque soy […]

Much cinema has been seen.


Better late than never. I saw these movies during X-Mas. Jobs: So what. Elysium: Spirit of the times. Bunraku: Meta. Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hungers: Goretex. One thing is for sure: The poster doesn’t lie. There’s a ton of blood in this film.