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Raul Julia


I’ve just made a discovery that has frozen my blood. This   This and one of these Is actually THE SAME PERSON.   I don’t know why but it just dawned on me and it’s creeping the hell out of me. I should stop this crap and publish that post in my draft box in […]

The mistery of the General Procuror and the Japanese Manga


Just like any of you, I’m following what’s going on in Crimea really closely. And just that you know, I’m worried just like you. It’s ok to be worried. One lesser known aspect of this conflict is that, following the referendum and the de-facto annexation, the Russian Federation moved in a functioning administration. Judges, people […]

Upstream colour.


I’m back. And I’ve seen a movie. Upstream Colour: Swedish experimental. The title…. I just don’t know if it can be translated at all.

The happy story of Frannie G.


Frank was not a happy person. Suffered from the particular form of melancholia of those who feel that the world doesn’t quite fit. Who feel like a circle in a world of wooden baby toys composed exclusively of squares and holes for squares. Added to that unease, the persistent conviction that, without particular features, one […]