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Peddling my shit


So for once I’m going to use my blog to sell you guys something. I’m selling an electric guitar. This guitar is a project for the Adelante social center in Sofia, Bulgaria. I organized a free attendance seminar on repairing and improving electric guitars. Here you can see the bunch of people who worked on […]

Zombies, espiderman, apocalypse films and shit


Yeah, yeah. I watch films between other cool things. The plane of the dead: Hilarious Every time this guy was on screen I imagined him saying     The amazing spiderman: Not amazing. The Divide: Interesting.

English in Russian// Conversación de besugos


Put this concert on first. It will give you a deep enjoyement, if only knowing there’s such good stuff in Russia. Mr. Moustache: You like this. Admit it. Ok, so… sometimes, at night, when I browse the internet, I put on the radio. Russian radio and stuff like that. I put it on tonight to […]

Just jump to the music.


Mr Pabolaza pulse aqui. If you know me, you know that I don’t watch a lot of TV, and I haven’t owned one for close to 10 years. Nowadays I avoid the silly box because it’s aggravating, stupid and manipulative, but this perhaps will surprise you: My rejection of TV didn’t start as some kind […]

Deep in the night internets


Expedición submarina al internet profundo. Trucos de cartas explicados. Un tío que habla, habla, y aburre antes de enpezar a explicarte el truco. Tanto es así que el mismo menciona en el truco “bueno que luego la peña en los comentarios la peña dice que me enrollo”. Tio, la peña te lo está diciendo. Real […]



This is, essentially, how you should what I felt as a kid when I was taken to mass and I’d see the things described in this post I wrote: [url=]Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson, hosted by[/url] It’s nice to be able to explain a post in detail like this. Posted from a hi […]



I keep watching movies and now I’ve watched one I have liked very much and that you should watch at the first chance you have. Specially if you own one of those iPhonies that kids have these days. And soon you will soon why. And trust me… It’s not just this guy’s pedo ‘stache. Her: […]