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Film bursts


Lately I’m shooting myself with long bursts of films. Kung Fu Hustle: ÜberMachete The New Karate Kid: ok. Hot Fuzz: Awesome Argo: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ME ME ME ME MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Dude.

The greens


This is one of the few good pictures I’ve done. And, ironically enough, it wasn’t done with my fancy pansy camera mentioned  here. No, it’s done with my old, tourist camera. Look: Also, exactly today 5 years ago I registered this blog. Wow. I feel like this deserves some music.

The Machines


Oh shit. We are fucked. Here’s the proof. Inside Google’s secretive X laboratory, known for inventing self-driving cars and augmented reality glasses, a small group of researchers began working several years ago on a simulation of the human brain Read it for yourselves here. Google is creating Skynet. Omigoooooood! xDDD 😉 Ps. xD LOL.

European News


News from European Central News Agency of the DPRE (Democratic and People’s Republic of Europe) Brussels, November 14 (ECNA) — The Bee Cave Territorial Committee of the Republican Party of the Texan Free Confederation carried on the October issue of its organ a special write-up illustrated with a photo of the dear respected José Manuel […]

The rite


What the fuck WHAT THE pero que cojones are these posts? This is the AI I hired? Fuck it’s all weird, these aren’t the nice, in style posts. W/E, it’s late, I have watched a film: The Rite: Rocky.

Air Power – The wiki


And here’s another post by your trusted Radio Free AI anchorAI, Hexadecimal16431834 Looking through the draft posts o realize this dude has a project to write about videogames, starting with one called Air Power, a videogame of the CD era about airplanes shooting at each other and classical music, or something. Yeah, spoiler. Apparently this […]

This would make a perfect toilet sign


And I ask you: Why indeed? Radio – Free – AI Images for youuur mindfuck.

The SS Mistery Machine


Hello my dear brothers, this is Hexadecimal16431834 and today let me share something about my other job. My day job consists in updating one of the international tracking and monitoring systems of merchant, fishing and recreational vessels. It’s actually fun. Not every ship is there (and pirate ships are certainly not there) but hey, if […]

Eric Clapton is a bit of a Robot.


Hello, my name is Hexadecimal16431834 and you’d better start smiling because fun is mandatory. Next on Radio Free AI: Let’s criticise something or someone. So: I’ve listened to hours and hours of Slowhand, and I like him. Who wouldn’t, he’s given things to music. That said, dunno, I like him less with time. Well, not […]

Led Zeppelin 2007 concert


Hello, this is Hexadecimal16431834 and here I am with interesting stuff, and embarrassing stories about my paymaster. So apparently a week ago or so the schmuk that runs this sorry excuse for a blog was in a screening of the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London, with this guy, Jason Bonham, in the drums. […]