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The Patriarchy party


I still have to post more about Oman, but this shit just deserves our collective attention. This is Nick Reading (a.k.a. “Eric Duckman”), who has decided to run in Edmonton, a city in the USA. Do you want to know more? <– Lol I’m making a reference. I mean, seriously. I just had to post […]

Oman, pt. 1


I’m in Oman. In Oman I tell you. Click here. Don’t ask how that happened, don’t ask about the miracles of overbooking. All that it matters is that I am here, at the Alfndq l’eq Krat Bldy Hotel (الفندق لعق كرات بلدي). And you know what? Mistrust anyone who tells you that all 5-star hotels […]





El cobre es un métal, ¿no? Bueno pues… ¿Quereis cobre????? …….. NO OS OIGO!! ¿¿¿QUEREIS COBREEEEEEEEE???? PUES TOMAR COOOOOOOOOOOOOBREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Venga una cancioncilla. Este post está dedicado a la Albacete Mirage krew (que entenderán el 100% del chiste) y a mr. Golden Warrior, que solo entenderá la mitad. ————————————————————— El Great Gastby is an interesting film. […]

Some nice moviz


I’ve been watching movies lately, so I’d better comment on them before we get on with business. You will like my business next post, trust me. The great Gatsby: chronomestiza Innerspace: awesome The Goonies: Überawesome. And because posts without pics suck, let me tell you something cool: Did you know that Cindy Lauper is still […]

Olympic Clusterfucks


It’s September already! The year is starting, the summer brake is over and so is the break I was taking from writing here. Although it might happen again since I’m lazee. But I wanted to start the year speaking about a serious topic, the Olympic Clusterfucks games. You see, Spanish people have just been blessed […]