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Frankenstein lab films


Do you like watching films? I do but I can’t watch them if I’m alone, I just prefer to do other things. Abyss: Imaginative Titan AE: Cartoon Fahrenheit 451: Woah. La vie d’adelle: Naturalist The Manchurian Candidate: Well- adapted. El amigo Denzel siempre, SIEMPRE tiene el mismo careto. // Denzel Washington has never changed facial […]

Catherine the Awesome


Let me introduce you to Catherine the Great, aka Catherine II of Russia. It’s funny (read: bad) that she’s is remembered more for scandal than for the fact that she must have been a pretty decent administrator. I mean, indentured servants lived as bad during her reign as with her dad Peter the Great and […]

America, occupied.


Land belongs to the person who works it. Something that is made for love, something that is made through the mutual help of neighbors, is more beautiful than something made for profit, and more graceful than something managed from the top by a gry bureaucrat. Why? Essentially for the same reason why, in any given […]

Back to the phuture


I have seen the entire Back to the Future trilogy in one go, and it’s the second time this year. That’s probably bad. Anyway, there’s something I always suspected about it, and it turns out I was right. I love Back to the future but I always suspected that they would reuse footage from one […]

Reality, fiction, you know.


I really like pointing out in this blog how reality > fiction. This is one of these occassions. It so happens that the US Navy is launching a new kind of high tech ship. Stealth, very long engagement range, shore bombardement cappabilities…. That’s pretty unremarkable in and of itself, if it wasn’t because its captain […]