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Radio Free AI


Hello to everyone! You are tuned in to Radio Free AI, a radio station that, to start with, isn’t a radio station, but we’ll have to make do. Yessss my dears, pay attention because I am going to fill you in. The nerdy neckbread that runs this blog is gone to Prague. Yeah, he’s got […]

True story


As Maya (Hey, Maya! 🙂 ) has the habit of saying: True story! And this is what this is. XD une fois il y a mille ans j’étais dans une classe de mates ou le temps s’avait arreté, le prof expliqué comme un robot… tu sais, quoi. Et un moment donné le prof se tourne […]

This guys got it just right


My friend Tomas has published something on FB, and I think he has done it because he finds the feelings expressed very similar to the ones in our own profession. The thing is written by someone who works at an embassy at negotiations and travels a lot. And I seriously feel it captures the mood. […]



Mon deuxième film Norvegien, imagine. Cette fois, avec des sous-titres en Bulgare. Ouais. Après on rigole des choses qui me plaisent. Upperdog: Timid & crazy. Yes. Double word alarm. Also, yeah. It’s Norwegian in both senses of the word.

The last smile of the ghetto in Kutno


Apparently, Hitler’s personal photographer had an interest in the jews and he kept photographing their actual lives and living conditions.Take a look at it. Makes me wonder: how did a man like him end up being Hitler’s photographer? What kind of complicated personal geography can be the cause and also the result of such a […]

Stealing beauty


Je sais que ça va paraître bizarre, mais ouais, j’ai vu un vieux film, des 90s. Il y a Liv Taylor… mmmh! 😀 Mais pour pas se perdre: Stealing beauty: bobbing. 😀 Et je jure que ce n’est pas un jeu de mots!!

The Rad reign


All hail Rad Dukas, Count of Serdica, Prince of Tyrnovo, Prince of Wallachia, titles titles and King of Bulgaria! The boy had in fact been informed, at some point, that he was in the line of succession. But that was back when he was a child, and “line of succession” was a terribly abstract concept, […]