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More dharma, less drama

Today, I spent the evening together with my italian roomate. And we didn’t spend it chatting, we spent it talking.

Never again, detective Bloch

Unfortunately, I thought he’d be mad at me when I spoilered the shit out of the obscure italian comic that we both happen to like.


Instead of being mad, he looked at me and said

“It’s ok. More Dharma, less drama.”


On other news:

Preparing this post I’ve discovered that my dear authors have gotten inspiration from an old Spiderman cover.


Which is cool.
Dylan dog is the obscure n italian comic that I like. He’s the detective of the Nightmare, a private detective that works paranormal cases. It is, needless to say, pulp as fuck.

This film uses the base character and changes a bunch of things, both for copyrights issues and artistic license.

– The dude in the film works in New Orleans, not London (artistic license or al).
– His sidekick is a random guy and not the very Grouch Marx, as in the Italian comics (copyrights issues or c).

– He’s more of an asshole than the comic character.. (al). For instance, his sidekick becomes a literal zombie and is unhappy about it, and Dyland Dog is like, “Suck it, bro!”

– Instead of being just a healthily sceptic (for someone who regularly talks to witches and werewolves) private detective, they make Dylan Dog into a sort of arbiter of the unerworld, mediating the peace between vampires, zombies and werewolves. I can’t believe I’ve just typed that phrase xD. So yeah a guy who’s full blown implicated in the occult. (al)

Not that these are criticism. Film adaptation is difficult. By the way, film adaptation in Russian is “Ekranizatsiya”. It’s cool they have a single-word noun for that. You know what I mean.
I didn’t like that they made a prick in the film, Dylan Dog is usually a very well meaning, just guy.
What I liked

– The film is a bit long at the end, but the twists are cool, the vampires look like blade and there are good fight scenes.

– They managed to recreate the flat self- humour of the original. At one point the main character is taking a beating and comments: “Man, for a guy who thinks he’s smart I sure take a lot of beatings all the time!” xD

– Although I didn’t care for the change, I acknowledge the flat humor in the change the introduced when it comes to Dylan Dog’s clarinet. In the comics he can only play one song, G. Tartini’s Devil’s trill. but he plays it often.
In the movie they have him play, off screen, some kid’s practice song, and badly at that. Which meh, but it’s a way of depicting the character so good technique.

– In the movie they made him a much more gung-ho, involved with the supernatural and a gun nut (at one point he remarks: “Plan? I had no plan, just bigger guns!”, which meh on the face of it, but it’s hilarious.

I dunno, if you haven’t read the original comics I’m not sure wether to reccomend this movie on its own merits. But if you want an action movie, or the dude in your group of friends who likes experimental Finnish cinema insists you should watch it…. it’s definitely watchable.
Oh the music isn’t bad at all either. Yeah, ok, let’s go with yes, do watch it. Then come here and tell me what you think. Let’s do that ok ?

That said, and before I forget:

If you are a Dylan Dog fan: DON‘T WATCH THIS MOVIE, I repeat, DON‘T WATCH THIS MOVIE.
That is all.

Ah, y otras cosas que se aprenden investigando para este post: QUE BUENA ESTÁ AMY NUTTALL. Esque me vuelvo Nuttall.

Antonio Banderas brings his amazing Malaga accent to a movie that’s a real accentfest. Seriously, every single person has a glorious accent in this movie.

Specially when they are pronounced in robot.

Let’s be straight: the second half is too slow. It’s like a heavy meal that you find yourself still digesting 12h later.

That’s about the only bad thing I can say. The universe is well fleshed, it’s full of sci-fi references in the background.(which I should maybe flesh). The story makes sense. Some of the replies in the movie are awesome. “To die you must first be alive”. Or the sadness with which one robot character at the end announces that she’s solved the enigma of the movie, but he wouldn’t understand the answer.

It’s also metaphorical and I think that the robots represent poor people. So…. yeah.

If you are minimally interested in sci fi, watch it.

If you are not, and you’ve seen the trailer I’ve posted above, honestly, you are set, the entire movie is there minus the ending, which you can surely deduce.

Also Melanie Griffit gets shot very suddenly.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Ok, so real american action film about spies and shit.

Did you know that Jack Ryan is the same guy from “Hunt of the Red October” ? It so happens that Jack Ryan is a sort of second rate James Bond. As in, everyone knows James Bond has a series of movies, but no one cares that much about the character Jack Ryan, or Jason Bourne, it’s just movies.

Anyway, so watch it if you like James Bond and Stuff, which I do. Just, don’t believe that Russians are all bad and want to destroy America, it’s very typical in that sense. Like, for instance, there’s Enron imagery at the Russian bad guy’s office.

The film’s ok though, and I liked some quote very much. “Here in Russia we prefer to talk, rather than chat”.
And there’s a nice brotherly moment between the good and the bad guy, very John LeCarre in style, in which the two spies realize they come from the same place (actually and metaphorically) and are just actors in the morally equal farce of international politics.

Or I could be overinterpreting.


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