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So….. how was it for you ? What’s the balance? Mostly bad, mostly harmless? I’ve had a fantastic year, it was all a definite stroll forward. I fought the good fight the whole year. Wasn’t easy, but that’s hardly the point. I hope yours was good. And thanks for reading my ramblings. Anyway, one of […]



Ok, So tonight, instead of being out partying in a disco, I’ve been at a friends, watching a movie. Thrilling, huh? And we saw a movie. Cash: Disgusting Save yourselves the trouble.



… is the place where we have exactly the same problems as a century ago, and guess what, we are applying exactly the same solutions, the ones that didn’t work the first time over. Supreme Court orders Cataluña to use Spanish in teaching in schools Spanish Supreme Court declares that Spanish must also be a […]

Don Camilo


Todos los españoles conquistadores conocemos a Camilo José Cela. Poco tengo que explicar de él, aparte de decir que es premio nobel de literatura, y de que era un tio que siempre fue polémico, que nunca fue haciendo amigos ni se privó jamás del humor ácido. Pero eso si, nos dejó todo un legado de […]



So I’ve been in this place, it’s a sort of Gothic palace. Extremely tall carved columns raising high, pushing out of the floor to sustain, high up, a glass ceiling. Flights of stairs as heavy as I had ever seen, 4 meters in width, very long, tucked away in darks corners of the building. Only […]

The sense of life (follow the arrow) —->>>>


Q – Where do you find the strength to hold on and keep going? A – In tasks set and done, in friends seen again and yet to meet, in stories to tell, and in puddles that, although dirty, reflect the blue sky. And the corollary.

A thought for a night of insomnia


What do I do on nights of insomnia? Now you can see it: I browse the contents of the US Department of Defence networks. Just for curiosity, since I couldn’t care any less. *sigh* insomnia —————————————————————— This is a very surprising and intelligent thing I read just the other day, on the wall of a […]

Self reference


I have discovered this completely by chance. I’m amazed. And this begs the question… how much of my time do I spend googling random, difficult-to-find things?

Sperging in the night


Ok, so take a look at the wizzair webpage At first sight it’s a completely innocent low cost airline website, right? Map with destinations, striking colours, a menu to look for flights on a given date… Then you start looking for information about a certain flight that has been cancelled and you need to […]

One of those stories


Il y a des histoires comme ça, qui m’arrivent. J’ai des amis qui pensent que ces histoires m’arrivent seulement à moi, et je peine à les expliquer que non, que des situations comme ça nous arrivent à tous, mais que moi, tout simplement… je les évite pas. Voilà. Aujourd’hui j’ai rancontré une voleuse. Je revenais […]