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City of life and death


So, I went to the movies, and saw a really romantic one. About the Nanking massacre. So: City of life and death: detailed Voilà!

The sounds of footsteps that weren’t there..


Today I was thinking about several people. I guess the two essential characters here are Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva, the most well-known and better Russian female poets of the 20th century. You see, for someone who doesn’t read a lot of poetry, those two have had quite an influence in my life. Let’s start […]

In the mood for love


Je viens de voire un film classique. Bon, autant classique un film de 2000 peut l’être, mais tout m’a fait penser que j’entends parler de ce film depuis toujours. In the mood for love de Wong Kar-Wai So: In the mood for love: Pensive. Je vous laisse avec la musique, belissima musique. Yumeji’s Theme. Mais […]



Does it need any further explanation? I don’t think so. Coolpeoplevania, the independent country where only people I find cool would life. That country is cool, and PUI is cool.

A Clockwork Cheese


A clockwork cheese, or, in Spanish, “El queso mecánico” is the nickname of my home town’s football team. Warning: Fuzzy inside feelings attached. El queso mecánico. Es el nombre que los demás equipos de futbol le dieron al Albacete Balompié (Albacete Football club) cuanto este subió a primera. Subió a primera el 9 de junio […]

A bridge in an unlikely place


This is about the only bridge of my home town. You may laugh, but it used to be a useful bridge. There was a train line going under it, and it was high enough for someone to commit suicide. But that was long ago, that story is buried in the hazy memories of those who […]

My favorite LP’s


This is the list of my favorite LP’s. Really, watch some of them, they are really funny/good/informative. Best animated puzzlegame and Best Music Machinarium by dantheman650 Best Survival Terror System Shock 2 by Raar_Im_A_Dinosaur Best Cops Pew Pew SWAT4 by Khad Best Hardboiled Max Payne by Baldurk Best Zombies Dead Rising by Oatmealrisin (Take that, […]