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The first of January and the weird things

Did I mention I hate the 1st day of the year? It’s just there, between a massive party and a day where no one is alive and everything is closed. I’ve probably said it a few times.

This is weird. Something I’ve found in Albacete that you might never have heard about.


A newsletter from the mayor of Los Angeles, California cites fears of many Los Angeles residents that “these shoes indicate sites at which drugs are sold or worse yet, gang turf”, and that city and utility employees had launched a program to remove the shoes.[4] However, the practice also occurs along relatively remote stretches of rural highways that are unlikely scenes for gang murders, and have no structures at all to be crack houses.

So yeah, some people toss their shoes over power lines. You can read about that when you read about popular and black culture in the US. It’s part of Arthur Nersessian’s “The Swing Voter”.
In that novel, someone destroys new york by placing Cobalt (dirty nuclear) Bombs in sneakers and tossing them around the city.

Anyway, take a look at this picture. It’s taken at the very heart of Albacete, a provincial capital in SE Spain.

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This picture above is nothing special, just another act of shoe-tossing. The difference is that I took that picture in that very same provincial capital.  And I wonder, is there a crack kitchen in the center of a central Spain provintial town ?

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