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Bulgarian Reaggae


Cette zic déchire, hônnetement. This song is simply too cool. Esta canción parte. (On top of that I’ve had two options today… reasons to be happy 🙂 Me han dado dos opciones, no estoy contento ni na) Българско реге Имаме си слънце, имаме море всички казват: “О, тук, у вас-много добре!” Абе как да не […]

Palabrería albacetense


– Chupóptero – Buitre hambrino – N’darakasta (tsch’ndarra) – Escobator – Morzipán – Kasaslauters – Kastrollo te follo – Troberrol – Rostrobosozor – Te chuuuuuuuuup-o – o que

Himnos del mundo


Ce matin je planifiais dans ma tête un post futur sur la Catalogne que je compte faire. En peu de mots, j’ai promis à une amie de le parler de la politique regionale en Espagne et ma Catalogne aimée, et je le ferai dans un post, en anglais, pour que tous pouvez vous informer. Alors, […]

Mr. Nobody


A-ha! Je viens de sortir du cinema, j’ai passé une soirée très, très agreable avec une amie, et (apart bavarder et bien s’amuser, c’est evident) on a vu un film. Alors, avec vous… Mr. Nobody: Deep. 🙂 Ça y est! Encore une critique cinema dans un seul mot reussite!!

Variations on Pac-Man


Computer games don’t affect kids, I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music. -Marcus Brigstocke <– Think of the nineties, mr Brigstocke!!

season’s greetings


More Avenue Q


Today is someone’s birthday. Someone very special that I have a very,very deep appreciation for. A person that, among many other things, has the merit of having opened my eyes to the marvels of Avenue Q. Who also made me realize which was my favorite baseball team. A fellow seeker. All in all, a lovely […]

Today’s train of thought


Contexto: Estaba preparando una sopa, y sin querer, he hecho demasiada. Pos nada…. vamos a cenar sopa ==> joder voy a cenar sopa por un tubo ==> Por un tubarro trucao ==> xDD el seat makinero* ==> xDDDDDDDD los .mp3 de los seat si que eran divertidos ==> esque por internet se encuentra cada gilipollez… […]

Mr. PC


I have an aquaintance who claims to have woken up one day by this door, in the early hours of the morning, after a particularly wild bout of carousing. According to to his story, oral sex was being performed on him when he woke up. FYI, it’s the entrance of one of the few private, […]

credit where it’s due


I forgot to mention that my last post was literally copied from a friend’s. Yup. It mirrors the latest post of “Diario de una futura intérprete”, written by my beloved friend Laura, who by the way came today to see me 😀 Have you checked her blog yet? Then do. First on the list.