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Estoy en una importantísima reunión en Albacete city. Una cena de navidad improvisada en un laboratorio de alta tecnología fluye como un haiku cyber en una poesía punk. I’m in the middle of a very important meeting in Albacete. An improvised christmas dinner takes place in a high tech lab. The main meal was sushi. […]

Made it up


I came across this weird ad. It’s in Italian, but I hope everyone makes an effort to get the gist of it. Try to guess what they are advertising exactly. Ho trovato questa pubblicità strana in giro. Vedetela, e tentate de dovinare il prodotto essacto que stano pubblicitando. You can read more if you click, […]

Just jump to the music.


Mr Pabolaza pulse aqui. If you know me, you know that I don’t watch a lot of TV, and I haven’t owned one for close to 10 years. Nowadays I avoid the silly box because it’s aggravating, stupid and manipulative, but this perhaps will surprise you: My rejection of TV didn’t start as some kind […]

Deep in the night internets


Expedición submarina al internet profundo. Trucos de cartas explicados. Un tío que habla, habla, y aburre antes de enpezar a explicarte el truco. Tanto es así que el mismo menciona en el truco “bueno que luego la peña en los comentarios la peña dice que me enrollo”. Tio, la peña te lo está diciendo. Real […]

The Patriarchy party


I still have to post more about Oman, but this shit just deserves our collective attention. This is Nick Reading (a.k.a. “Eric Duckman”), who has decided to run in Edmonton, a city in the USA. Do you want to know more? <– Lol I’m making a reference. I mean, seriously. I just had to post […]

Olympic Clusterfucks


It’s September already! The year is starting, the summer brake is over and so is the break I was taking from writing here. Although it might happen again since I’m lazee. But I wanted to start the year speaking about a serious topic, the Olympic Clusterfucks games. You see, Spanish people have just been blessed […]

RIP Irony


Irony is dead. It is, really. I mean… Al-Assad tells Morsi he needs to step down Ok, ok, obviously it’s about a different thing. Assad is Alawite (an offshoot of the Shiites) and he hates the Muslim Brotherhood and stuff, who are Sunnies. So essentially the point is “Shit in your country is happening because […]

A trip to hades


My roommates have been nice enough to invite me for a walk of some deep, deep pits and trenches of the internet. Seriously, what have I done to them? Let’s cathegorize them: Award If Cthulhu has a face Donatella Versace. Ugly warning Award Why does this even exist Stella the sheep. Definitely Not Safe to […]

European News


News from European Central News Agency of the DPRE (Democratic and People’s Republic of Europe) Brussels, November 14 (ECNA) — The Bee Cave Territorial Committee of the Republican Party of the Texan Free Confederation carried on the October issue of its organ a special write-up illustrated with a photo of the dear respected José Manuel […]

No war


An American soldier in a hospital explained how he was wounded: He said “I was told that the way to tell a hostile Vietnamese from a friendly Vietnamese was to shout ‘To hell with Ho Chi Minh!’ If he shoots, he’s unfriendly. So I saw this dude and yelled ‘To hell with Ho Chi Minh!’ […]