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No war


An American soldier in a hospital explained how he was wounded: He said “I was told that the way to tell a hostile Vietnamese from a friendly Vietnamese was to shout ‘To hell with Ho Chi Minh!’ If he shoots, he’s unfriendly. So I saw this dude and yelled ‘To hell with Ho Chi Minh!’ […]



[…] You see, it’s just like I imagine written fiction came into being. At first very, very few people could write and those who could worked just for, say, kings and for official records. Timidly, some of those very few people would commit some lines to paper… and write down what they felt like, maybe […]

Things no one cares about


It’s summertime and I’m busy. So instead of my amazing posts you get…. wait, this IS one of my amazing posts. Oh really? Let’s get on with it then. Anyway, some cool music. And now some cool things you didn’t know: Hay una linea de condones con sabor a bizcocho de arándanos. There’s a line […]

Les intouchables & The Unsinkable sea otter


Et oui, je les ai vu. Normalement je fais des revues d’un film seulement, mais j’en ai vu trop de films dernierement. Un film français et un vrai documentaire de Cousteau, tout old school Les intouchables: Fine The Unsinkable sea otter: Stylish. Et voilà. De tout manière, ce post est dédié à toutes les loutres […]