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El submarino del terror


¿qué nombre le pondrías a un típico programa de misterio y de lo oculto? Del rollo, Iker Jimenez y tal. Pues aqui tenemos una lista de nombres a los que, por el simple hecho de ponerlos en este blog, les ponemos una licencia Creative Commons!!! YA TENEMOS PROTEGIDOS LOS DERECHOS MORALES; ZAAAAAAAAAAS!! Pues vamos a […]

Meet a good girl


So I have this friend. She’s a buddying web designer, starting to strike up on her own. But she knows her trade. She does fantastic websites, her rates are moderate and she’s a really cool human being, the kind you will like working with. So… do you happen to need a webpage? maybe you’d like […]

The bridge to somewhere


It turns out there are real bridges, with water and stuff, in Castilian lands, and I can prove it with this picture. In it you can see not only the bridges but also two very good friends. This pic was taken on the 1st of January, and we actually woke up at 9am just to […]



OH.PU.TAIN. J’ai vu un film. Ok, je fais ça assez regulierement. Mais j’ai vu un qui m’a bouleversé. Mince que je voudrais parler pendant des hores, mais non, on va aller droit au but: Shortbus: Psychanalytique ZAS! EN TODA LA BOCA! Ah, j’ai aussi régarder un autre film… Midnight in Paris: Mignon. Voilà! J’ai completé […]

Crash – II


Watching it again gives me an idea of how amazing, how good this film is. You also get an idea of how much irony, and most important, self-irony it took for Sandra Bullock to interpret an older Jennifer Aniston in that film. And now a music video. A very good friend showed it to me […]

Obscure articles & Ugly truths


Couple of things I want to mention today. First of all, one of the things I really like about wikipedia are the obscure articles. You have read it many times in the pages of my blog, I like mentioning some articles that boggle the mind, when you start thinking why someone would write an entire […]



I’m going to break my little tradition and say a bit more than one word about a film. Crash. Crash is a film I really liked. It’s a slice-of-life film that shows short, interlocked snippets of the lives of a series of people. It’s a film about race relationships in the US, a very current […]

The first wednesday of every month


Did you know that? Had you realized? The first wednesday of every month, if you are not at work or something, and you find yourself in the streets of Paris by 11am, you can always here this sound. Right out of the 1960 film, The Time Machine. Click the video, close your eyes and enjoy. […]