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The unluckiest conscript… evah.


Short post because I’m in the airport. You know what? I hate airports and I’m quite stuffed with travelling. Oh well. But on these dark nights when I share red eye train rides with denizens of the irrational night, I tell myself some people have it worse than me. Meet mr. Yang Kyoungjong. The unluckiest […]

Albacete mood.


I’m on holiday and I’ve spent my afternoon at a terrace that had this on the wall. It’s real. Taken from a street and all. There was beer, jack daniels, lemon, a small pool with jacuzzi, a charming baby and, above all, good friends. You can tell I’m on holiday.     So I wanted […]



We don’t get nearly enough guest posts in this blog. Just sayin’. This one is by LauriGami. Thanks, sis. ” I like Sci-Fi. I like a little too much violence. I like not-so-perfect heros, smart, manipulative vilains, unexpected revelations and carefully arranged shots with beautiful colors. “Snowpiercer” has all these ingredients… but sometimes too much […]

An addendum to the winds of change


Hacedme caso cuando os digo que los vientos del cambio no llegan. Los traes tu, a bastonazos. De Believe me whan I say that the winds of change don’t just come to you. You have to club them and take them. Y tampoco perdais de vista que los palos del dolor mas eficaces pa […]

The winds of change. // Los vientos del cambio.


Una reflexión tras mi primer road trip ever. Todo está cambiando. Lo noto en el aire. Se llaman los vientos del cambio. Así llamo yo a una intuición que tengo a veces. La intuición es cuando se condensan todos los matices que los sentidos perciben sin que a nivel conscente lo sepamos. Aprovechate de ese […]

Made it up


I came across this weird ad. It’s in Italian, but I hope everyone makes an effort to get the gist of it. Try to guess what they are advertising exactly. Ho trovato questa pubblicità strana in giro. Vedetela, e tentate de dovinare il prodotto essacto que stano pubblicitando. You can read more if you click, […]