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This is the bridge at Lugo, or Lucus Augusti. It dates back to the lower Roman empire, and has endured some reconstructions. It is, still today, the only bridge in service in this city (about which I’ll write soon enough). Think about it. The stones of this bridge are more than two thousand years old. […]

Friends – Led Zeppelin.mp3


Hay personas que parece que hayas nacido conociendolas. Fijate, hoy me ha pasado algo increíble. Una voz, unas letras en la pantalla, que hasta ahora no eran más que eso, han tomado cuerpo. De repente, he podido dar las gracias en persona por muchas cosas. Por hacerme descubrir Sex & the City, enviarme postales, enviarme […]

Late at night revelations


Today, I realized that, if you want to truly appreciate “The Pink Panther” cartoons, you need some commited drug abuse. A similar case could be made about “The Roadrunner”. And curiously enough, those revelations dawned during a completely D&D free night. Merry christmas to all.

One word film reviews


J’ouvre aujourd’hui une nouvelle section. La critique cinematographique. En fait, l’inspiration est venu de Daphne. (Merci Daph!) Mais je ne pense dedier plus d’un mot à chaque film. Si un film reçoit plus, c’est que le film le mérite. Alors, le film que je suis allé voir hier avec mes pots d’Albacete city AVATAR, en […]

Folsom Prison blues


Here, let me introduce you to her. “Mallu Magalhães From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mallu Magalhães Background information Birth name Maria Luiza de Arruda Botelho Pereira de Magalhães Born August 29, 1992 (1992-08-29) (age 17) São Paulo, Brazil Maria Luiza de Arruda Botelho Pereira de Magalhães, best known as Mallu Magalhães (São Paulo, August 29, […]

A bit more about NY


So yeah, NY. Ok, so I’m digging the place. On the plus side: – Brooklyn has got something to it. – I have engaged in a number of random conversations – The posibility of good employement (will know tomorrow!) – Interesting town, LOTS of things to do, places to see. With people in them that […]

First impressions and Brooklyn


I wanted to write some impressions of the town so far, but hey, I discovered I said it just right in an email I just sent to a friend. Edited for content. “The trip was mind numbingly boring. I discovered nice things about girls in Ireland, reflected on my own travel gear, that kind of […]

Dublin airport and travel reflections


I’m on my way. I have a 4 hour scale in Dublin, still 2h30 to go. Now, I’ll say this, from all the airports in which I’ve been stranded, Dublin’s is probably the best. It’s not like I remembered it, but hey, more than a decade of water has passed under those bridges, and in […]

The YU ES of EI!


I’m leaving for America. Yeah, I’m seriously fed up with all this class bullshit here in Europe. Gonna sail for the new world, pursue the… No, that’s bullshit. It’s just that, since I’m leaving tomorrow (and in any case, back in January) I figured I should write some really coooooool post about it. But I […]