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More dharma, less drama


Today, I spent the evening together with my italian roomate. And we didn’t spend it chatting, we spent it talking. Unfortunately, I thought he’d be mad at me when I spoilered the shit out of the obscure italian comic that we both happen to like. From Instead of being mad, he looked at me […]

Fragments of a 3D rose


In 1977, William Gibson (PBUH) wrote a short story called Fragments of a hologram rose. In it, a dejected lover relies on partial, fragmentary holographic and sensorial recordings of his relationship to manage sleep. From William Gibson went on to greater things. He invented an entire literary genre (Cyberpunk). His novel, along with Snow […]

A passport ever so more awesome


También conocido como “Un pasaporte mas brutal”. I recently mentioned Finnish and Spanish passports. Ya he hablado de los pasaportes finlandeses y españoles. But I can always deliver more and so I have. Pero yo siempre puedo dar el extra así que aqui está Norwegian passports // Pasaportes de Noruega From the It’s all […]

Get a Finnish passport


Seriously. Spanish passports are pretty and all. They have birds and other animals on them. Preeeetyyyy… But the misterious northern peoples of Finaldn know stuff. Stuff that makes us tip our hat and applaude. To add some music to it we could paste here the literal first result of writing “Finnish experimental music” on youtube. […]

Rap, art and the Supreme Court


Unexpected stuff: An Amicus Curiae (also known as “Expert opinion”)  document from the Supreme Court of the United States of America. In it you will find a brief history of rap and hip hop, an explanation of why it is art and other interesting stuff. I hardly have to make a comment on the world […]

Moviez & reflectionz


I am taking long to write. But you know, inspiration, creativity, is a fickle thing. But that is not bad. What’s bad is that society today tells us that we have to produce as much as possible, compete as much as possible, raise as much as possible in any hierarchy, earn as much money as […]

English in Russian// Conversación de besugos


Put this concert on first. It will give you a deep enjoyement, if only knowing there’s such good stuff in Russia. Mr. Moustache: You like this. Admit it. Ok, so… sometimes, at night, when I browse the internet, I put on the radio. Russian radio and stuff like that. I put it on tonight to […]

Así es Albacete


I know I haven’t been posting. This post came about an unusual way. A friend posted some lovely pictures of stained glass in churches that represented WWII military. As in, soldiers, pilots and planes. It’s very interesting and I’ll talk about that at some point soon. In response, I wanted to show her (and you, […]

The mistery of the General Procuror and the Japanese Manga


Just like any of you, I’m following what’s going on in Crimea really closely. And just that you know, I’m worried just like you. It’s ok to be worried. One lesser known aspect of this conflict is that, following the referendum and the de-facto annexation, the Russian Federation moved in a functioning administration. Judges, people […]

The happy story of Frannie G.


Frank was not a happy person. Suffered from the particular form of melancholia of those who feel that the world doesn’t quite fit. Who feel like a circle in a world of wooden baby toys composed exclusively of squares and holes for squares. Added to that unease, the persistent conviction that, without particular features, one […]