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Stolen bridges


It’s not the first time thieves have displayed such ambition. Earlier this year half a bridge in India was stolen over the course of three days – the 40 thieves involved told a guard they had been contracted by the public works department, and blithely set up their cranes. Last year, in the Czech Republic, […]

Operation petticoat, Cloud Atlas


Diario de a bordo. 27/03/2013, fecha estandar. Lugar Albacete city, ciudad sin ley. Han sido visualizadas las siguientes pelis. Operation Petticoat: Advanced Cloud Atlas: Interesting A thought for our North and South Korean brothers

A nice name for a river


This is from one of those games that I keep talking about, made by people who are a bit obsessed with detail. The cool thing is how sometimes they leave in little relevant details. For instance, the third river from the top left. The cursor is on it and, on top of the screen the […]

Iron sky & Kung Fu Panda


Moviezzzzzz moviezzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iron Sky: For the lulz. Kung Fu Panda: Authoritarian. There. And in case someone is going to point out that I made a three word review, let me point out that it’s an idiom. An internet idiom, but still.

Reality > Fiction


Sometimes things happen. That’s one thing about this universe: things happen. And then you have an enormous number of people reacting, writing about and making jokes out of all those things that happen. That’s how it works. But sometimes, something happens that makes everyone silent. Something so… particular, that scriptwriters and comedians are just left […]

The small victories


Historical records at this point consist mostly of records of songs of the time, compendiums of tales of bards by some villagers and some partial data of the census thanks to churches. From that it is possible to infere fairly solidly what the historical timeline was. This is a rough outline of the records that […]

The Asimov Challenge


Ok, so I think that Isaac Asimov is a very cool writer. Hell, I love him, and I think you would love him too, if you gave it a chance. You could start with the first volume of The Foundation. It’s an awesome, easy to read, classic Sci-Fi, leaning on the Science side. I think […]



Today, Bulgarian traditions! Hoy: Tradiciones búlgaras! That thing on my coat is a Martenitsa. Every 1st of March, Bulgarians give that to each other (specially bfs and gfs), and then wear it until they see a tree in blossom or a stork. When that happens, they hang it from a tree in blossom (or from […]