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A Perfect Compilation (APC)


First off: Why this weird name for a cathegory so usual, that is, music? Well, just that you know: You know those funny code words that pilots use? Well, when NATO fighter pilots notice that their radar is being jammed by the enemy, they open the radio and announce “Music!” to warn Command, that, in […]

Translation mountains


I was home. I mention that because my usual readers probably noticed the scarcity of posts. Didn’t you, usual readers? (… sual readers… al readers… aders…) Anyway. Today I am going to talk about translation. It’s my job and I love it. I love it because it is an intellectual challenge, it’s a sort of […]

Is Gary Moore cool, or what?


Gary Moore

Un très pétit détail…


J’aime les jeux video. C’est ma façon de ne pas penser et me relacher un peu, et, en plus, de mantenir l’intellect a point. Surtout, j’aime l’estrategie, c’est à dire, controler un pays, le gérer, décider sur la guerre où la paix, établir alliances… Aujour’dui je faisais très tranquillement une pétite partie de Victoria: Revolutions. […]

The Cariatid fallen under the weight of her stone


This is my favorite work of art, ever. I love this sculpture to bits, I can’t watch it without feeling a stirring deep inside me, and tears well up behind my eyes. It’s usually on display at the Rodin museum, here in Paris. Actually, it’s the reason I go there. But. It’s not on display […]

Good things about Paris, 1


There are certain things you can do in Paris, in the very street… and no one really looks at you. Apart from that, I’d like to mention that yesterday, my flat was witness to the biggest, meanest party of the century. It was very cool. And my bro was there. Thievery Corporation – Until the […]

El final de una era


Eramos grandes. Lo controlábamos todo. Partíamos rimas con el simple sonido de nuestras pisadas. Hemos compartido el frío como la piedra, y la lluvia de noviembre.  No hemos olvidado el día de la celebración. Hemos viajado en el zepelín de plomo.  Rock & Roll. Hemos sufrido el apetito por la destrucción, sudado durante el verano […]

The Bridge trilogy, 2


Another bridge I like, one click and a half away from the first. This is a very nice drawbridge. Being a drawbridge is important,  it quenches all my childlish enthusiasm for big, technical things at work. Watching it work is something banal for the part of my brain where I store technical knowledge, but it […]