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The Turk, the Slovak girls and a scream that froze my blood


Ok, so I had promised this story long ago and finally I’m going to go ahead and tell it. Guess who’s coming to dinner During my first year in Russia I had different next door neighbors. It was inevitable, since it was a dorm with a high turnover. One day I had some Italian kids, […]

United Russia


United Russia is Putin’s party. That said, I think this picture says it all, right there. The bottom sign says “United Russia in Altay“. The top one, “Psychiatric Hospital Nº1”. ‘Nuff said.

The unsettling story of the photocopy in Russia


This is a new and experimental format of telling my Russia stories. It’s new and experimental, all edgy and avant-garde. It’s not that I’m tooting my own horn, it’s just that *TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT* Cody dice: So that means you’re in Paris at the moment? Paul dice: yes! 🙂 for a while, though travelling for work the […]



So I’ve been in this place, it’s a sort of Gothic palace. Extremely tall carved columns raising high, pushing out of the floor to sustain, high up, a glass ceiling. Flights of stairs as heavy as I had ever seen, 4 meters in width, very long, tucked away in darks corners of the building. Only […]

La femme de ménage, les ados italiens et l’avortement


Je l’avais promis, alors je dois raconter l’histoire. The expert Dans le Pushkin il y avait des femmes de ménage. Je ne sais pas combien, je connais seulement celle qui travaillait dans mon étage. Elle venait une fois par semaine, à balayer et netoyer la salle de bain. (Chose que je faisais, de toute manière, […]

Amazing things – Old Russian fotographs


Fotos del imperio ruso de hace un siglo. En color. De verdad. Pictures of the Russian empire, 100 years ago. In color. Serously. Link Fueron tomadas con una extrañísima técnica ya olvidada: hacer tres fotos de lo mismo, en rápida sucesión, una con un filtro verde, otra rojo, y otra amarillo. Y superponerlas. They were […]

The sounds of footsteps that weren’t there..


Today I was thinking about several people. I guess the two essential characters here are Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva, the most well-known and better Russian female poets of the 20th century. You see, for someone who doesn’t read a lot of poetry, those two have had quite an influence in my life. Let’s start […]

A philosophy of life


In the way, a minor crisis broke out, which Michael didn’t really notice. He was too taken looking at the sky, which he was seeing for the first time since he left Mars. The sky was bright, joyful and full of colours. (In other words, your typical overcast Washington day). – Stranger in the Strange […]



Superpotencias. La batalla continúa en el plano mental. Superpowers. The battle rages on, on the mental level. Superpouvoirs. La bataille continue, au niveau mental.

The Pushkin


I have the impression my last post was a bit on the dry side. Maybe you don’t know what the Pushkin institute is, maybe you don’t know the stories I tell of that place. If that’s the case, let me expand on my previous post. The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute is where I spent […]