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More dharma, less drama


Today, I spent the evening together with my italian roomate. And we didn’t spend it chatting, we spent it talking. Unfortunately, I thought he’d be mad at me when I spoilered the shit out of the obscure italian comic that we both happen to like. From Instead of being mad, he looked at me […]

DD, JR, and Sci-Fi


I’ve been watching moviez. Dylan Dog: self-contained Honestly would you think these two guys are the same? Automata: proletariat Jack Ryan – Shadow Recruit: Déjà Vu. (I honestly wrote “Jason Bourne” on this one. Lapsus)

Martial arts, ships and goals


Bruce lee: Bruce lee Totti’s 282 goals: Excessive Master and commander: Realistically Epic The man with the iron fists: Ninjanegratazzzzzzzzzz Those are all great films. And because I’m in a certain mood that’s going to make me go down into a basement, and, much like the first circle of hell, take flaming irons and solder […]