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Preliminary note: Everything in this post has been personally verified by me, it’s safe!

Ok so, the internet sucks more and more these days.

It isn’t quite as bad as TV, obviously. TV means there’s 10-20 kinds of state or corporate run propaganda and you can choose between them.

The internet gives you real choice. It might be a shit choice, since the state and corporate propaganda is still there, big time, but you can also go to forums and discuss the news directly with folks of different opinions, you can access the propaganda of opposing states and corporations, or, if you want, you can go the crazy route and read about the Time Cube. In short, you can choose.

Will it solve the problems of the world and transform the earth into a magical place of harmony? No, obviously. Will you find capital T truth thanks to the internet? Good luck with that. But at least you can pick your poison. Or mix 20 poisons and find your favorite. Or…. I don’t like where this simile is going.

Note of course that I am talking about news and opinions, and I am leaving aside what really makes the internet good: the enormous amount of technical information that is shared in it, everything from the most obscure old computer systems or how to properly perform robot/human sexy times.

The internet, though, has a massive problem that TV does not. The TV is a one way thing, which is bad, but, in the age of the internet, we have learn that TV is a one way thing, and that is good.  In other words: the TV is not watching you.

I mean, until the internet came around.

The internet is full of technology (tracker ads, cookies etc.) out there getting your information. In this post, needless to say, I refer exclusively to advertisers and stuff. I am not discussing anything else, for reasons that should be obvious.

I mean, sure, there are also viruses and stuff that you should be careful of. But did you know that there’s no technical distinction between a cookie and a virus? The difference is purely technical: what they do.

The point of this post is to help you make your computer and your internet browser better, faster, more resilient against all the kinds of bullshit, legal and illegal, that exists.

If you follow all of these steps you will end up with a faster computer that doesn’t become slow and bad overtime. And also you will fortify your browser, meaning that advertisers will not have every single piece of information about you and will not make your browsing slower because your computer has to load 20 advertisements. And that’s without mentioning just how many viruses you’ll block!

Before we start, though, let me pre-empt two pieces of criticism:
– “Without advertisement companies can’t survive”!

That’s the same as saying “Without repression, the poor KGB officers won’t be able to torture anyone and they will be out of a job!” Booo hooo, I say.

-“Without advertisements companies won’t invest in fast servers and there won’t be a fast and colorful internet as we have now!”

That one is probably true, and my answer is, so what? First off, in the beginning the internet was essentially a state amd university-run thing. It didn’t support tons of flashy fast graphics. Oh well. But the good thing about it, namely the exchange of technical ideas, and the pure text discussion, would still be possible.

Also, if every single user implemented these guide maybe companies would have to move away from selling our date and manipulating us as business, and would have to, you know, produce stuff people would like to buy.

And now for the good stuff.

A technical note: I will mark the things that apply to windows users and linux users. If you use OSX, then LOL.

All of this will be easy to do, I promise!

The basics: deactivating all of the windows services you will never use.

Linux users please skip this part. Mac users too, obviously.

Ok, so I was planning to organize this in levels of difficulty, but I have to start here.

To make a long story short, windows, as any operative system, is a gigantic program built over many years. It also has tons of legacy services that 90% of users will not use.That is why it is strongly adviced to deactive useless services when you buy a new computer or format it, or, actually, at any point. They consume processing power AND they are attack surfaces for viruses.

You know how you install windows and after a year it works sluggishly? Follow this instructions and it will never happen again.

If you are a beginner you must already be quacking in your boots: Touching the innards of windows? I hear you say But it will bite me, break forever and Bill Gates will send me an angry letter!!

Ok, so someone has made it super easy for you.
I present you The Guide to windows services!

Click here to access this marvelous document!

Choose your windows distribution and then read the instructions. Eh… what’s that? You don’t know exactly which version of Windows you have? No big deal, I got you covered. Click here.

One little note to make applying the above guide even easier: Press windows key + R to open the run box. Then write “services.msc” without the inverted commas and that will open the services window. THERE is where you apply the guide and decide which services should be deactivated, made manual or automatic.

And now for the main course:

Easy level:

– Quit Facebook. Other social media probably too.

No, seriously. If you aren’t paying that means you are the product.

from Ethannonsequitur

If nothing else at least go over the privacy options with a fine-tooth comb. Which you should do in absolutely ANY website you visit.

Privacy Badger or another adblocker

For windows and linux users. Mac users should do it too, although, LOL.

Install Privacy Badger. That’s my advice.

Surely by now you have an adblocker or something, and I hear good things about ghostie. But I think privacy badger is the best, for one simple reason. It’s made by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the only organization fighting so that human rights are applied to the internet.

Seriously, in the entire internet only the EFF has your back.

Opt-out of behavioral advertisement.

For windows and linux users. Mac users should do it too, although, hahahahahaha!!

Did you know you could do that? There is a sort of platforms for ad companies where you can tell them “I don’t want to see advertisements tailored to what you think I should be buying because I am a woman in my 30’s/ a car enthusiast / have children”.

Many companies don’t respect it, and many stop respecting it when enough people do it, sure. But hey, it takes a minute, and costs you nothing.

I think this is important specially if you have ever complained, as many of my friends have, that they get extremely gendered and even sexist advertisements.

For Europe: click here
For the US and Canada: click here

Although frankly I would do all of them. Again, takes a minute.

Note that for the Europe one I’d advise deactivating companies one by one. If you click on “opt out of all” you will opt out of the 10 first companies…. because those are the companies you can see without scrolling down.

Oh, and the US one, do insist and try the different options. It will rebuff your attempts a couple of times just because they can.

Oh and do the same for your google account! Go through the configuration with another fine-tooth comb.

Configure your browser properly.

For all users.

Go to your internet browser’s configuration and deactivate all the telemetry/error reports/help us improve options. Make it so that you do not consent your browser sending any information back to the creators of the browser.

Use Startpage as your default search engine All users

If nothing else they are the only search engine that claims not to systematically sell all of your searches to advertising companies.

Intermediate level

Uninstall telemetry updates for windows

For Windows users. Linux users keep being super cool. OSX users… I don’t know what to tell you.

“Telemetry” is one of those modern words. It means “We are getting your data and selling it”.

So, uninstall all the updates that do that!
windows 10

windows 7/8

Note that this is in the intermediate section only because I advice you to backup your date before you install these. These programs are completely benign in 99.99% of the cases, but hey, just in case.

And finally:

Hard level

Only hard because doing certain things in your computers is scary. But I promise you, this is easy to do and safe! I include it here only because it’s scary.

– Modify your hosts file

For all users

“hosts” is a file in your computer that holds a list of websites. Any website you write and precede with “” or “” is essentially blocked. This can be useful to block sites you don’t want your kids to watch!

There exist curated lists of the addresses of spambots, advertisers and stuff. If you include them in your hosts file you will never see them again!

There are two steps you have to follow here.

Go here: Here. Click here.

There are different options for hosts file. Choose the basic one or any other. You can choose to block social media, or not. Porn sites, or not.

Once you choose click on the “raw host” link associated with the file you want. Keep it open.

Then open your hosts file.

For linux: open the terminal and write “sudo gedit hosts”. If you get an error install gedit first then try again. The terminal will want your password. Copy the raw hosts file you chose (Yes, copy ALL) and paste it in the hosts file.

For windows users:
The file you are looking for can be found in ../Windows/System32/drivers/etc/

If you try to open it, modify it and save it and it doesn’t let you, you need administrator privileges (as you should, otherwise you are a noob).  Open the start menu, look for the terminal, right-click on it and choose “run with admin privileges”. Then do the hosts file.

Mind you, if you use very large hosts files sometimes, upon booting, it takes a minute or two for the computer to read through it and connect to the internet.
For mac users:

Just read this: This

I know this is sounds difficult, but trust me, you cant imagine how much this will improve your internet experience.




Today I discovered there’s a weird street close to where I live in bulgaria, with yellow pavement.

From Mike Hanson

And as you can see, there’s a yellow taxi. As yellow taxis do, it’s going to take me to the U. S. of A.


So…. yeah I’m gone for a while. I will take up this blog again. At some point.


Today, I spent the evening together with my italian roomate. And we didn’t spend it chatting, we spent it talking.

Never again, detective Bloch

Unfortunately, I thought he’d be mad at me when I spoilered the shit out of the obscure italian comic that we both happen to like.


Instead of being mad, he looked at me and said

“It’s ok. More Dharma, less drama.”


On other news:

Preparing this post I’ve discovered that my dear authors have gotten inspiration from an old Spiderman cover.


Which is cool.
Dylan dog is the obscure n italian comic that I like. He’s the detective of the Nightmare, a private detective that works paranormal cases. It is, needless to say, pulp as fuck.

This film uses the base character and changes a bunch of things, both for copyrights issues and artistic license.

– The dude in the film works in New Orleans, not London (artistic license or al).
– His sidekick is a random guy and not the very Grouch Marx, as in the Italian comics (copyrights issues or c).

– He’s more of an asshole than the comic character.. (al). For instance, his sidekick becomes a literal zombie and is unhappy about it, and Dyland Dog is like, “Suck it, bro!”

– Instead of being just a healthily sceptic (for someone who regularly talks to witches and werewolves) private detective, they make Dylan Dog into a sort of arbiter of the unerworld, mediating the peace between vampires, zombies and werewolves. I can’t believe I’ve just typed that phrase xD. So yeah a guy who’s full blown implicated in the occult. (al)

Not that these are criticism. Film adaptation is difficult. By the way, film adaptation in Russian is “Ekranizatsiya”. It’s cool they have a single-word noun for that. You know what I mean.
I didn’t like that they made a prick in the film, Dylan Dog is usually a very well meaning, just guy.
What I liked

– The film is a bit long at the end, but the twists are cool, the vampires look like blade and there are good fight scenes.

– They managed to recreate the flat self- humour of the original. At one point the main character is taking a beating and comments: “Man, for a guy who thinks he’s smart I sure take a lot of beatings all the time!” xD

– Although I didn’t care for the change, I acknowledge the flat humor in the change the introduced when it comes to Dylan Dog’s clarinet. In the comics he can only play one song, G. Tartini’s Devil’s trill. but he plays it often.
In the movie they have him play, off screen, some kid’s practice song, and badly at that. Which meh, but it’s a way of depicting the character so good technique.

– In the movie they made him a much more gung-ho, involved with the supernatural and a gun nut (at one point he remarks: “Plan? I had no plan, just bigger guns!”, which meh on the face of it, but it’s hilarious.

I dunno, if you haven’t read the original comics I’m not sure wether to reccomend this movie on its own merits. But if you want an action movie, or the dude in your group of friends who likes experimental Finnish cinema insists you should watch it…. it’s definitely watchable.
Oh the music isn’t bad at all either. Yeah, ok, let’s go with yes, do watch it. Then come here and tell me what you think. Let’s do that ok ?

That said, and before I forget:

If you are a Dylan Dog fan: DON‘T WATCH THIS MOVIE, I repeat, DON‘T WATCH THIS MOVIE.
That is all.

Ah, y otras cosas que se aprenden investigando para este post: QUE BUENA ESTÁ AMY NUTTALL. Esque me vuelvo Nuttall.

Antonio Banderas brings his amazing Malaga accent to a movie that’s a real accentfest. Seriously, every single person has a glorious accent in this movie.

Specially when they are pronounced in robot.

Let’s be straight: the second half is too slow. It’s like a heavy meal that you find yourself still digesting 12h later.

That’s about the only bad thing I can say. The universe is well fleshed, it’s full of sci-fi references in the background.(which I should maybe flesh). The story makes sense. Some of the replies in the movie are awesome. “To die you must first be alive”. Or the sadness with which one robot character at the end announces that she’s solved the enigma of the movie, but he wouldn’t understand the answer.

It’s also metaphorical and I think that the robots represent poor people. So…. yeah.

If you are minimally interested in sci fi, watch it.

If you are not, and you’ve seen the trailer I’ve posted above, honestly, you are set, the entire movie is there minus the ending, which you can surely deduce.

Also Melanie Griffit gets shot very suddenly.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Ok, so real american action film about spies and shit.

Did you know that Jack Ryan is the same guy from “Hunt of the Red October” ? It so happens that Jack Ryan is a sort of second rate James Bond. As in, everyone knows James Bond has a series of movies, but no one cares that much about the character Jack Ryan, or Jason Bourne, it’s just movies.

Anyway, so watch it if you like James Bond and Stuff, which I do. Just, don’t believe that Russians are all bad and want to destroy America, it’s very typical in that sense. Like, for instance, there’s Enron imagery at the Russian bad guy’s office.

The film’s ok though, and I liked some quote very much. “Here in Russia we prefer to talk, rather than chat”.
And there’s a nice brotherly moment between the good and the bad guy, very John LeCarre in style, in which the two spies realize they come from the same place (actually and metaphorically) and are just actors in the morally equal farce of international politics.

Or I could be overinterpreting.


I’ve been watching moviez.

Dylan Dog: self-contained

Honestly would you think these two guys are the same?

Automata: proletariat

Oh yeah, shake it babe, for Papy Banderas!

Jack Ryan – Shadow Recruit: Déjà Vu. (I honestly wrote “Jason Bourne” on this one. Lapsus)

Enron Imagery. NO ONE is convincing me otherwise.


Did I mention I hate the 1st day of the year? It’s just there, between a massive party and a day where no one is alive and everything is closed. I’ve probably said it a few times.

This is weird. Something I’ve found in Albacete that you might never have heard about.


A newsletter from the mayor of Los Angeles, California cites fears of many Los Angeles residents that “these shoes indicate sites at which drugs are sold or worse yet, gang turf”, and that city and utility employees had launched a program to remove the shoes.[4] However, the practice also occurs along relatively remote stretches of rural highways that are unlikely scenes for gang murders, and have no structures at all to be crack houses.

So yeah, some people toss their shoes over power lines. You can read about that when you read about popular and black culture in the US. It’s part of Arthur Nersessian’s “The Swing Voter”.
In that novel, someone destroys new york by placing Cobalt (dirty nuclear) Bombs in sneakers and tossing them around the city.

Anyway, take a look at this picture. It’s taken at the very heart of Albacete, a provincial capital in SE Spain.

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This picture above is nothing special, just another act of shoe-tossing. The difference is that I took that picture in that very same provincial capital.  And I wonder, is there a crack kitchen in the center of a central Spain provintial town ?


If you don’t mind, I am going to try and offer a little piece of advice.

Do you know about bitcoin, the digital, decentralized currency?

You might have friends getting into it or might have heard about it on the news. Here, in order to help you make informed decisions, we’ve decided to offer you some advice. This is taken from the internet and is just someone’s opinion.



A Bitcoin FAQ for GBSLINK
-Short version-

1) Should I buy bitcoins?


2) But if they drop down to a dollar, then I can snap some up and

No. You are one of thousands of people who want to do this. Telling the thread that you are going to do this doesn’t make you look smart.

3) How does this shit work? It doesn’t make any sense!

No, it really doesn’t. It’s impossible to explain bitcoin in anything less than tl;dr terms so you should probably just not worry about it. Go do something useful instead of reading this awful thread full of socially inept people laughing at another group of socially inept people.

-Long version-

1) I really want to understand how bitcoin works. Please.

Okay, you asked for it. With some severe simplifications and a painfully neutral pov:

Bitcoin is a decentralized “cryptocurrency”. It is a network of software that shares a common protocol designed to allow secure transfer of bitcoins between users. It uses distributed cryptography to verify transfers and balances.

Bitcoin is also the subculture that has sprung up around this software, which includes additional software that is not part of the core design. The most high-profile of these are trading services that allow users to buy and sell bitcoins using US dollars and other real-world currencies.

Bitcoins users have files called “wallets”. This is sort of a misnomer, because these wallets do not actually contain anything except a cryptographic private key. One’s bitcoin balance is actually recorded inside the distributed network, which is why you cannot edit your wallet file to give yourself more bitcoins. Bitcoins can be added to a particular balance using a public bitcoin address, which acts as a cryptographic public key. The private key is contained in the wallet, and bitcoins cannot be transferred out of a balance without that private key.

(If you don’t understand public-key cryptography, do some reading because you can’t understand bitcoin without it. While you’re at it, read up on cryptographic hash functions.)

Transfers between wallets are recorded in “blocks”, which are verified by the distributed cryptography system. The act of verifying transactions and then adding those transactions to the historical “blockchain” is called “mining”. Transactions are stored in the blockchain using cryptographic hashing methods which allow the entire blockchain to be independently verified for consistency and integrity. In order to make blockchain verification an attractive prospect, the design of bitcoin gives “bitcoin miners” two reasons to tie up their computing hardware to maintain the network, both based around competition.

The first reason is that bitcoin transfers can contain optional transaction fees which are paid to the miner that verifies the transaction. Paying a transaction fee makes it more likely that your transaction will be processed in a timely manner, because those transactions are more attractive to the miners.

The second reason is that mining gives the miner a chance of receiving a batch of newly created bitcoins. The more cryptographic power one brings to bear, the more likely it is that the next batch of new bitcoins will be yours. There are a fixed number of bitcoins which can ever be mined, and the difficulty of the cryptography will continue to increase over time.

An important aspect of mining is that the network is designed to handle one complete block (containing a specific number of transactions) every ten minutes. If more computing power is added to the distributed network, making the blocks take less time to process, the difficulty of the cryptography increases. The inverse is also true. This scaling difficulty is meant to help prevent a single user or group of users from gaining complete control over the network by using more computational power.

The distributed verification process determines the “truth” of a transaction block by whether or not the majority of the network (as measured by contributed cryptographic work) considers it valid. The original designer thought it unlikely that any one user or organization could acquire a majority of the network’s cryptographic power and therefore “cheat” the system in some way.

Bitcoin verification power is typically measured in the speed at which a system can perform cryptographic hashes, which are required to verify the blockchain and to add transactions to it. The difficulty of the mining process is determined by the amount of “hashing” required to add a new block to the chain.

These are the core aspects of the original bitcoin design. In short, bitcoins are assigned to “wallet” addresses, with balances stored in a distributed “blockchain”. The accuracy of the blockchain is verified by “miners”, who have a vested interest in doing so through a reward system. Attacks (such as double-spending) are prevented by the distributed nature of the network, where any invalid transactions will be caught by other mining systems.

2) That was painful to read.

It was painful to write.

3) So what went wrong?

A lot of things, some of which are due to problems with the original design, and others which are due to problems with the bitcoin community.

Bitcoin was originally a proof-of-concept project by an anonymous crypto specialist who used the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”. It is unlikely that he was actually Japanese, but his identity still remains a mystery. Bitcoin was meant to be a testing ground for theories about how cryptocurrencies might work. Initially, bitcoin was a curiosity and there was little participation in the network, as bitcoins had no real-world worth.

This all changed as bitcoin was discovered by three types of people. First, there were the internet libertarian types who liked the idea of a currency that was not controlled by a government. For them, bitcoin represented an ideology. Second, there were people who wanted to use bitcoin as a semi-anonymous international currency for illegal transactions, such as drugs, weapons, or illicit pornography, as well as a possible method for laundering money. For them, bitcoin represented safety from the law. Third, there were people who viewed bitcoin as a method to get rich by getting in on the ground floor of a new kind of money. These people saw bitcoin as an investment.

The history of bitcoin is too complicated to go into detail here, but these three groups shaped the bitcoin network and community into what it is today, which is a gigantic goddamn mess of idiocy, greed, and bad decisions.

4) What happened to the neutral pov?

I’m tired.

5) Well, then where is bitcoin right now?

Right now, the bitcoin community has been overwhelmed by the use of bitcoin as, essentially, a commodity to be bought and sold. Individual bitcoiners may talk about the future of bitcoin as a currency, but the vast majority of bitcoin transactions today are the buying and selling of bitcoins themselves using real-world money, and not the buying of goods or services using bitcoins. There is an extremely limited number of things you can spend bitcoins on without first converting them to dollars (or whatever), and many of those are done through third-party bitcoin-to-dollars systems where the merchant never sees any bitcoins.

Bitcoins are purchased and sold much like other commodities such as gold, petroleum, and the like. Exchange services are set up, where people who wish to buy the commodity put forth “buy orders”, where they offer to buy a certain amount of the commodity at a given price, and these buy orders are matched with “sell orders” put in by people who wish to sell that commodity.

There are several bitcoin exchanges that let one buy and sell bitcoins using dollars and other currencies, but the most important one is “mtgox”. Amusingly, Mtgox started life as “Magic: The Gathering Online eXchange”, an exchange service for virtual Magic: The Gathering cards.

When someone says “bitcoin is at $50” or something similar, usually they mean that the most recent buy order on mtgox was for $50 a bitcoin.

The market prices for bitcoin have historically tended to rapidly inflate and then crash spectacularly. Bitcoin’s market value has dropped by 50% in less than a day on multiple occasions.

Regardless, true believers in bitcoin (typically the libertarians or the investors, who are sometimes one and the same) keep throwing more money at the speculative market, in the hopes that one day their currency will be treated with respect by the world, or at least they’ll eventually make up for their losses. Neither scenario is likely.

6) Why is this funny?

Because we’re children who like laughing at dumb people, and bitcoin people are a truly spectacular level of stupid.

7) So could bitcoin ever be a real currency?

No, for one simple reason. Bitcoin does not scale. The network is already creaking under the weight of relatively few transactions, and more importantly, the blockchain size is increasing rapidly. The blockchain file is currently several gigabytes in size, and the entire chain must be downloaded in order to mine or verify your own transactions. You can use a third-party service to store and transfer your bitcoins, but these services have historically tended to get hacked or just suddenly vanish, taking all your internet funny-money with it.

If bitcoin actually became popular as a currency and not just as a speculative commodity, the network would rapidly become even more unusably slow than it already is, and the blockchain would swell to an absurd and unmanageable size.

8) Some people seem legitimately angry about bitcoin.

Bitcoin would appear to be a mostly harmless way for idiots to throw money at each other, except for the fact that bitcoin mining has (not surprisingly) become an arms race to see who can get the most hashing power online.

The original design of bitcoin did not account for the possibility of specialized, expensive hardware which could make mining without that hardware almost useless. Certain kinds of ATI Radeon video cards proved so effective at performing bitcoin hashing that mining solely on a general-purpose PC CPU gives negligible results, due to the vastly increased hashing difficulty. Miners purchased huge amounts of these video cards to create custom (and often hilarous) “mining rigs”, essentially converting electricity into heat and bitcoins.

The stakes have been raised again with the advent of specialized bitcoin-only ASIC hardware which is even more effective than the video cards were. The future of bitcoin mining appears to be in the hands of a small minority of users who can afford this specialized equipment, making the “distributed” nature of bitcoin something of a joke.

The bitcoin network now must use vast amounts of power, far out of proportion to its actual usefulness and typically generated by fossil fuel plants, just to maintain itself. It is a tremendous waste of actual real-world resources that could be better used on something important (like, for example, watching cat videos) and this makes some people actually angry at the situation.

9) Wait, what about this “BFL” thing, and who’s “Atlas”? What the hell are you people talking about?

Look at all these fucking words I’ve already written. God, what a waste of effort.

From which also contains useful info. Buttcoin.

I’ve decided to ignore all the advice in this thread and purchase bitcoin for some reason. How do I do it?

There are basically two methods to buy bitcoins.

Above-board. You transfer money to one of the surviving “exchanges”, or to a bitcoin “ATM” if there happens to be one nearby. Either one will involve giving several groups of anonymous strangers more than enough info about yourself to allow them to easily steal your identity at any point in the future. (ID card scans, bank account info, photos, palmprint scans, etc.) Then, if you’re lucky, they’ll actually put some bitcoins in your account, which you may or may not actually be able to withdraw before the entire business folds up and disappears. Oh, and in a few weeks when the banks catch up, they’ll freeze your accounts for suspicious activity (i.e. touching Bitcoins with your bare hand) and start a money-laundering investigation.

On the down-low. You can make a deal with an anonymous stranger on the Internet whereby you mail him a prepaid cash card of some sort and then he will send you bitcoins. The result: you send the card and he vanishes. Or, you can try to find a local bitcoiner so you can meet up in a dark deserted parking garage and exchange cash for bitcoins. The result: you get robbed and/or stabbed.

But since your goal is really to acquire bitcoins and not necessarily to buy them, there are other methods. You could trawl Reddit with a sob story and beg for bitcoin spare change. People have been known to make as much as nine or ten cents (in bitcoins) of their hundred-thousand-dollar goal this way. Or you could mine them yourself. A ten-thousand dollar rig from BFL might be able to produce a hundred bucks’ worth of bitcoins in only a few months (plus a year or so for delivery time), unless in the meantime the mining difficulty goes up, the price of bitcoins goes down, or the shoddy wiring in the mining rig burns your house down.

Finally, you could always turn to the dark side and become the scammer instead of the scammed. This will probably the method with the best chance of success. Try posting on a bitcoin forum that you’re starting a new investment opportunity offering a totally-believable interest rate. Say, twenty percent per week. Include a few stock photos of an expensive-looking office to prove that you’re legit. Since bitcoiners never ever learn, they’ll send you their bitcoins, at which point you disappear. Ta-da! Success!

Oh, one last note: do be aware that when you do finally spend your ill-gotten bitcoins on illegal drugs, that’s now a taxable event, so make sure to declare it as capital gains on next year’s tax return. Make sure to individually itemize the pot, heroin and ecstasy on Form 1040 Schedule


Bitcoin is good for one thing. Music. The music of chance.

Check it out


Estoy en una importantísima reunión en Albacete city. Una cena de navidad improvisada en un laboratorio de alta tecnología fluye como un haiku cyber en una poesía punk.

I’m in the middle of a very important meeting in Albacete. An improvised christmas dinner takes place in a high tech lab.

The main meal was sushi. I must admit I didn’t really “get” sushi until today.

El plato principal fue sushi. Y admito que, hasta ahora, no pillaba el sushi. Ahora me mola.

Pero me inquieta una cosa. Nos hemos comprado una contesa de chocolate y estaba buenísma. Para hacer más atractivo el paquete de la contesa le han dado el nombre de un teléfono que la gente tiene. ¿Por qué?

We bough some ice cream and it rocked. One thing worries me though. In order to make the package more attractive, they named the ice cream like a popular kind of phone. I wonder why.




13 streets is a technically good movie about corrupt cops. It starts much like a CSI Miami episode would start and progressively veers into action hero territory. It’s well done and it’s cool. Watch it. You may disconnect your brain.

The surprising thing, for me, is that it’s a movie about how cops can be bad and about black people having bad breaks and redeeimng. It kinda surprises me, knowing how much of a republican Bruce Willis is or used ot be. There are so many mentions of “people can change” are directed at Bruce Willis that I wonder if he isn’t kind of sending us a signal. “Hey dudes I used to have tatoos of GWB but not anymore!!

And it’s like, ya know what? I’m going to be the one arrested for once, see what it’s like.

My super ex with Uma Thurman is a movie I kinda liked. Ok, I like any movie with Uma Thurman I can’t help it. Uma Thurman is not just incredibly sexy, and a massive actress. Uma Thurman is someone whose eyes have that spark, that flame of intelligence and sharp wit. Miss Thiurman, if you want to come and cut me with your sharp wit, please do. I’ll treat you like an equal and we’ll have fun together.

About the movie:

Full of lovely comic book references. All secret identities have names that start with the same sound. (Peter Parker, Clark Kent, Jonah Jameson…). The heroine gets bigger boobs when she becomes a heroine (Very subtle and very pointed criticism). The superhero girl and the villain go way back.

And there are Superman references.

Also lots of interesting comedy using a very interesting overlap of superhero/cray girlfriends/boyfriends movie.

It also excels in a particular category.

Uma Thurman manages to do something amazing. She manages to capture, transport through the air, and throw a great white shark through a window… without jumping the shark!!

Anyway it was fun. The entire cast had their moments and their jokes. Seriously mindless fun el oh el.


Apparently some people love my film reviews. Maybe I should do more.

16 blocks:Unexpected.


It’s like, I’ve wielded so many of these, I don’t care anymore.

And then

My Super ex Girlfriend: subtle

But don’t trust me on this one. I stop being objective when it comes to someone so obviously very intelligent.



In 1977, William Gibson (PBUH) wrote a short story called Fragments of a hologram rose.

In it, a dejected lover relies on partial, fragmentary holographic and sensorial recordings of his relationship to manage sleep.


William Gibson went on to greater things. He invented an entire literary genre (Cyberpunk). His novel, along with Snow Crash, fired the imagination of so many, and did a lot to create the Web as we know it today.

Fragments of a hologram rose, to me, is not just a short story about a dejected lovel and high tech. Fragments of a hologram rose set the stage for many people learning to program and creating many interesting things. Some of them good (email) some of them bad (echelon).

Many people, Dennis Ritchie, Steve Wozniak, Richard Stallman…. all of them dreamt of the fragments, and chased them so that one day we all might have a hologram rose.

Those times are past. And they left without leaving behind a cyberspace you could access with your mind , no VR, no Ono Sendai 7. They did, though, leave behind immense corporate power, and a cult following for people like Steve Jobs. Zucks.

Nowadays though………


A new generation of Wozniaks, Ritchies and Stallmans work with plastic, and they lovingly shape this plastic. This might not look like much, but shaping plastic gives you the opportunity to give shape to so many more things. Some even say we are even on the verge of a new industrial revolution, what with being able to avoid achieve great economies. Economy of scale becoming so much less important since, once the design is made, the cost of 1 piece is the same forever.

AND…. this is all being done in open source technology. Anyone can take other people’s designs and work on them, making technological progress all the more quick. Richard Stallman is very proud of that I guess.

Are you interested in 3D? If you want a design, a piece, a set of pieces, a kit for a printer or an assembled printer, go visit They have everything you need, and they are cool people.

Fragments of a illegal plastic drones

A las 1845 hora zulú, el dron MS-35 patrulla su zona asignada, un cuadrante sobre la costa levantina, sobre el parque natural de la albufera y Cullera. Es un dron antiguo, veterano de las guerras de Irak, que ahora el ejercito español utiliza de guardacostas.

18h49 La cámara detecta un fogonazo a ras de suelo cerca de una zona arbolada.

18h50 El radar en tierra detecta un objeto pequeño que acelera a gran velocidad en dirección noroeste.

– Teniente, tenemos un contacto. Parece un dron ilegal.

– ¿A donde va?

– Marsella o Touluse.

– Derribelo. Como siempre.

18h51 El dron se orienta directamente hacia el contacto y acelera. Percibe en su mapa de situación un segundo dron que acelera bruscamente en dirección sur. MS-36 cierra la pinza desde el norte.

18h53 MS.35 tiene justo en su alcance al bogey, y MS 36 está a 98 segundos.

18h54 El dron desconocido gira bruscamente hacia el este, para luego realizar otro giro brusco en dirección suroeste, intentando desconcertar a sus perseguidores.

18h55 El dron desconocido despliega varias unidades de chaff e intenta una nueva maniobra.

18h56 Esquivado el chaff, los dos drones centran sus radares de sabueso en la presa, roja brillante en sus radares, y como un ladrido mortal liberan dos misiles. El dron se ve sacudido por la explosión del primero, y recibe el impacto directo del segundo. El resto de su vuelo se reduce a un simple movimiento de descenso.

18h58 Tras dos minutos de hacer círculos entorno al area, los drones vuelven cada uno a su puesto, a imagen de un perro que vuelve a su perrera para despedazar la pieza.

18h50 Un dron zeppelin cargado con 20kg de píldoras diversas, dos pistolas, 30 kg de llaves USB divididas en paquetes, una impresora Prusa Steel y piezas para otras mas modernas, un cajón de productos químicos y un niño, partía de un edificio en la costa.

El dron, capaz de volar, pasará la mayor parte del tiempo pegado a tierra, viajando pacientemente y evitando toda zona habitada. Para contrarrestar radar y el satélite estaba la parte superior del dron, que cambiaba de color como un camaleón. El vuelo se reservaba para las emergencias, así como la velocidad máxima.

Tres días, tres bocadillos, un libro y medio y 67 minutos de música después, todo el cargamento llegó a su destino: Albazetech.


También conocido como “Un pasaporte mas brutal”.

I recently mentioned Finnish and Spanish passports.
Ya he hablado de los pasaportes finlandeses y españoles.

But I can always deliver more and so I have.
Pero yo siempre puedo dar el extra así que aqui está

Norwegian passports // Pasaportes de Noruega


From the

It’s all nordic and cool. Sometimes concentrating on design can be very narcotic. It’s nice.

Es así como muy nórdico y muy molón ya de por si. A ratos perderse en examinar diseños puede ser un buen narcotico. Mola.

But the even cooler thing is that in UV light, it looks like the aurora borealis.

Y para el mole extra, cuando lo pones bajo luz ultravioleta aparece la aurora boreal.


From the

It’s awesome as hell and somehow relaxing as hell too.

Mola que te cagas y relaja que te jiñas.

Toma ya Ferran Güell.